In His Own Words: Model Egidio Bencivenni

egidio-bencivenni-2Egidio Bencivenni is an Italian model and entrepreneur who went from small town parades to the runways of Milan. In this IC interview, he discusses his career, sports and the advice he gives to his daughter.

Read our interview with him below, which was originally published in the October 2016 issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine.



What can you tell us about your background? Where and how did you grow up?

Egidio Bencivenni: I started my career as a model in small parades in small towns… That’s where I was noticed and so started going to casting sessions in Milan.


How do you organize your schedule between being a model, entrepreneur, a personal trainer and having a personal life?

EB: My life is made of organization, especially when you do a lot of things. My day starts early in the morning and between email, phone calls and travel, I always find the time to devote to my daughter. I’m happy with what I’m doing I have many other ideas in mind that I would like to put into practice.


egidio-bencivenni-1Which can you say have been your career highlights so far?

EB: I feel satisfied with what I did… During my career, I got to travel a lot and get to know many people who have helped me grow and to strengthen my character. Therefore, I am teaching my daughter to travel and to meet and connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.


What are some important things people who also have a life where they switch gears all time can learn about personal style? What is your advice?

My advice to everyone is to travel to know the people their culture, learn to listen to everything around you and to observe every detail. Always be curious to ask questions because only then can we realize always new things and discover ways to balance your life and organize it. Look around and find systems that you see work for others and make them work for you.


egidio-bencivenni-3In terms of working out or doing sports what is your advice?

EB: I do a lot of sport because it helps me feel good about myself. When I engage in physical activity, I’m shedding all the tiredness and stress of the day. Sports and working out fill me with pure energy so I can resume doing everything I have to do. The physical aspect of a human goes hand in hand with their spiritual side. In other words, “mens sana in corpore sano”.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

EB: I’ve learned that one must always be humble, know how to listen to older people with more experience and to never trust anyone. Listen to your own instincts above all to work hard!



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