The Yirko Sivirich Spring-Summer 2017 Menswear Collection in Review

Peruvian designer Yirrko Sivirich presented his spring-summer 2017 menswear collection earlier this year during Lima Fashion Week.

The frame for this collection was set during the last seasons, when the designer showcased collections that were a true revelation of style. Through his last fashion shows, Sivirich showed that he has a great eye for mixing different genres and that he has a voice of his own. The ease with which Sivirich mixes elements from different cultural areas is truly impressive.

It can be hard to define his aesthetic because the designer has a unique voice, but we can describe it as a relaxed and balanced mix of high and low, making use of both very busy and bold elements, as well as of extremely casual ones. The balance between dressy and relaxed is obtained with pharmaceutical precision, as the designer focuses on dressing up casual pieces and dressing down formal ones.

Thus, a complex universe of dynamics is born. Colors balance out cuts and shapes, fabrics balance out textures and everything seems to fall into place like a good game of Tetris.


Yirko Sivirich’s spring-summer 2017 menswear collection is such an unexpected surprise that it has the power to draw anyone to it, both connoisseurs and just fashion aficionados.

Once again, this season the designer strikes a great balance between worlds, working with extreme design elements. While some pieces are defined by extreme minimalism, others abound in flowers and strong colors. The play with cuts and volumes is also noteworthy, as the looks feature a tense dynamic between sharp tailoring and boxy cuts.

Once again, it’s all about volumes and tight silhouettes that come together for a calming, yet engaging mix.

And that is where the beauty of this collection lies. At the core of the collection, there is a strong sense of the modern man’s ability to stay both connected and engaged, yet adrift from the world.


The marine vibe comes in support of that concept as well: in the naval world, one needs to always be on their toes while being able to stay calm and focused.


But, as one might expect, there is more to this collection. The pieces of the collection also strike a balance between the art part of the fashion, some definitely seem conceptual in nature; and the extremely pragmatic, practical side of the fashion world.

The collection also blends humor in its discourse through details such as the fish prints and engages the viewer in discussion by provoking thought through items whose inspiration or goal is not clear, therefore leaving the viewer and, why not, the wearer to give his own meaning to the clothes.


Exotic, extremely masculine and conceptually strong, the Yirko Sivirich spring-summer 2017 collection is definitely one for the books. It can be even seen as a resort collection as well and can meet the demands of many men, even though it targets a specific category of adventurous men. Sivirich is definitely a designer we have our eye on, as we believe that he should get more recognition and more people should be wearing Sivirich clothes.


In the gallery below, take a look at our favorite looks from the collection and why we like them:




Fraquoh and Franchomme






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