What Were the Most-Searched for Fashion Questions in 2016? And How Attire Club had the Answers.

2016 was a rather agitated year in fashion, which came as the result of the dramatically changing fashion environment.

Recently, Google has released the top 10 fashion related questions people asked in 2016. And, surprisingly enough, many of them were answered by Attire Club, some even before 2016 began.

Here is the top 10 list:



1) How to sleeves off a shirt?

Practical advice is often very searched for on Google and other engines, so it’s no surprise that the number one fashion-related question people asked was a practical one.



2) How do I start modeling?

If you are a man, want to start modeling and are an Attire Club reader, you might just be in luck. Earlier this year, we published a compelling guide on the different types of models and on what are the requirements to become a male model.



3) What is haute couture?

At number three, people were asking what haute couture is. We are very excited to see this, as we often talk about the misuse of this term. Especially when it is misused by models or even designers. This is why the theme of our November Mood Board was haute couture.



4) How to wear booties with skinny jeans?

Booties and skinny jeans was definitely a womenswear trend this year, as the quest for a tutorial regarding how to mix the two ranked at number 4 on Google’s list.



5) When can you start wearing white?

It is said that one should not wear white after Labor Day, which is an All-American thing to go. However, this rule is based on some historical contexts that don’t apply today as they did back then. Attire Club has published an article called “Why You Should (Not) Wear White after Labor Day” In the fall of 2015, but the rules still apply today.


6) How to become a fitness model?

We already talked about how one can become a model, but it’s still interesting to note that the type of model people want to become most is probably the fitness model, as it is the only model category which makes it in the top 10.



7) What is boho?

Boho, short for bohemian is a fashion style that is inspired from the French boheme as a vibe, but mostly from the hippie movement as an aesthetic. It basically is all about being natural and relaxed. This style has been trending for a while now and goes hand in hand with the vintage fashion trend and the eco-friendly part of fashion.



8) What did people wear in the ‘90s?

The 1990s were definitely a strange fashion decade. On the one hand, they were very grungy and a lot of bad, never to be repeated trends came from the ‘90s, but many gorgeous clothes and iconic models stem from that era as well. For those who want to learn more, there’s an Attire Club article called “Timeless and Trendy? A Look at Men’s 1990s Fashions.



9) How to dress like a hippie?

We mentioned earlier that the boho aesthetic, which is very on trend these days, draws its aesthetic very much from the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. So, there’s no surprise that “how to dress like a hippie” is a question that doesn’t rank far behind the question on what the boho look is.



10) How to become a fashion designer?



After featuring numerous designers on our website and in our InCompany by Attire Club magazine, we can clearly state that there is no one way of becoming a fashion designer. Moreover, we even wrote an article called “The Two Categories of Fashion Designers.” People like Michelangelo Winklaar, Allan Vos, Chance Okonski, Juan Carlos Gordillo and many more who were featured in our publications shared the various ways in which they became designers. You can read their interviews in our magazines!


The top 10 questions Google released, which ended with a question on fashion designers, were also linked to a list of the top 10 most searched for fashion designers. These were:


1) Rachel Roy

2) Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

3) Angela Simmons

4) Zendaya

5) Kendall and Kylie

6) Beyoncé

7) Anita Dongre

8) Sonia Rykiel

9) Ivanka Trump

10) Kanye West


It is very interesting how many of these are not first and foremost fashion designers. Many of them are basically celebrities who have fashion lines. The reason why giants such as Dolce and Gabbana, Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld did not make it to the list can be that they were either considered “brands” when Google established the top, or because these designers are more known by the public, given their primary role as a celebrity known for something else than their fashion.


Fashion in 2016 was definitely intriguing, as the business is now changing so much. We were happy that we were ahead of the curve, offering answers to people’s most burning fashion questions since the end of 2015 and well into 2016, even without having access to Google’s algorithms. We are looking ahead to the new things that will happen in 2017 and hope that the fashion world will choose to move in the best direction it can.


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