Thoughts on Project Runway Season 15

The 15th season of Project Runway has recently just wrapped up and it was a very colorful and dynamic season. The 16 designers that were chosen from the numerous audition tapes sent had to impress the judges, Nina Garcia – creative director for Marie Claire, designer Zac Posen and, of course, Heidi Klum.


The case of Project Runway season 15


The challenges were varied and, how mentor Tim Gunn noted, unlike last season, the designers really gave their best. The fifteenth season of the show was definitely a great combination: cool challenges to which the contestants responded in very different ways.


Erin’s unconventional featured gold-sprayed worms and guitar picks


Our one favorite design of the season was Erin’s gold worm dress, created during one of the unconventional materials challenge. The reasons why we loved it was because it was made from a series of unexpected materials, it was wearable, it looked like regular clothing but had a great story and made the viewer want to see more and we can even see it in an exhibition somewhere.


The dress Rik Villa designed for his mom was stunning!


Our second favorite look was probably the one Rik designed for his mom and in third place had to come Roberi’s second unconventional look.


Roberi’s second unconventional look


Interestingly enough, our favorite designers made it to the top. In fact, we predicted from the first episode that Laurence, Erin, Roberi and Rik would be the top four. We initially thought Laurence would win, but after the final collections were unveiled we realized that her collection was a bit outshined by Erin and Roberi’s.


The fact that Erin won was welcomed. In the end, she had a point of view that was different, she could execute garments well and she was not afraid to take risks. This being said, we can need to point out that all of the top four designers have signed stunning clothes throughout the season and we wish them all the best!


Project Runway is a great TV show as it is not only an expression of the struggle fashion designers need to go through to make it in the business, but also because it is an entertaining way to introduce the world to new talent. The judges and the presence of Tim Gunn make it a credible show with relevance in the fashion business. We think PR is a good platform for designers to showcase their talent and expertise. Even though they did not win, contestants such as Nathalia, Cornelius or Mah-Jing can now build a career starting from the exposure they got on the show. The show is not a guarantee of success, but it is an opportunity for designers to create a client base.


We’ll definitely look out to what the contestants will do next.


The show is still going strong, as it has been renewed for three more seasons, so we’re hoping that they will be able to deliver better and better fashions and tell interesting and relatable (fashion) stories.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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