A Review of the NAT Atelier Autumn-Winter 2017-18 Collection

NAT Atelier released its autumn-winter 2017-18 collection during Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. The collection mixed a conceptual approach with a wearable and practical vision, which resulted in a balanced and tense collection.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the constructivism of the 1920s and 30s, the collection featured a mix of sharp lines and shapes and soft curves and light areas. The alternating between these contrasting design elements resulted in a very dynamic collection of garments, therefore representing the inspiration for the collection. Just like many constructivist creative works, it was all about diagonals and the way in which these came together in purposeful intersections.

The colors were definitely one of main points the collection wanted to make: dark and light, but always deep and strong. We could see many blacks and grays, accompanied by very strong spots of orange. The hard fabrics, which offer movement nonetheless also express this idea of contrast between the visible and forces that drive it.

The reason why this collection was special was because it dealt with themes such as dynamics, progression and cyclicity. The fashion world is at a point where it is stepping into another dimension, so a collection that works with these issues is definitely a great conversation starter.

While the garments were filled with so much cognition, they were also very practical and wearable. The fact that they use few (but pretty well chosen) design elements makes them versatile. They can definitely be mixed with other types of pieces, which can result in different types of outfits: dressy, sporty, etc.

Nat Stakhniv, the brand’s creative director wanted to use the elements of constructivism as he felt that they can represent a structure on which one can build. He took a lot of his inspiration from constructivist architecture, which is still around in many places, having become some sort of classic aesthetic.


The NAT Atelier autumn-winter 2017-18 collection was definitely a collection about finding direction: the lines reminded us not only of architectural design elements, but also of crossroads leading the way. The colors were all about finding difference in uniformity and details were the marks of personality in a simplified environment.


It was all about a fight that can lead to a symbiosis: very harsh, natural materials were mixed with very soft fabrics, bright colors were mixed dark ones and soft curves were intertwined with harsh cuts. Hard and soft, here and there, they and us.




Fraquoh and Franchomme






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