Attire Club Introduces “Man of the Day”

Connecting with cultures



The online world has in a very quick time allowed us to be connected in ways that were unimaginable a few generations ago. Today, we can chat with people who are miles apart from us in an instant and to discover what others are up to in their daily lives just by tapping our phones.

This way, one does not need to limit their life to their immediate surroundings. If you think about it, even thirty years ago, your cultural expansion was limited to your local culture, your national one and rarely to more. It was quite something to be able to access the latest from another country, especially in your language. But the way we use the internet and its expansion have broken down these barriers.

Today we can access not only culture from all around the world, but also access directly other people’s lives.

This has changed very much the ways in which we interact with each other and the way in which we see the world. For example, it has led to the creation of online communities that sometimes have no reflection in geography. In other words, while you might be part of a certain town, county or country, today you can be part of a culture that has absolutely nothing to do with the culture of your town, county or country. For the modern person, it doesn’t need to matter what the latest in his area is, but what the latest in his online culture is. Of course, there is the political factor which has a huge role in the way we live our lives, but strictly culturally speaking, the online world is many times stronger.

Just think about it. We know so many people who can connect better with people from other countries or groups than with those from their own because of this context. For example, many people in Europe are not connected to their local culture, but they are very much into American media, K-pop or Indian series. K-pop fans from different countries can relate to each other better than they can with the person across the hall who doesn’t know anything about K-pop.




This is why we have come up with a new concept for our social media, namely for our Instagram account.

While we will continue to share pictures from our InCompany magazine, looks from Fashion Weeks and great clothes, accessories and beyond, we also want to introduce the category of “Man of the Day”. The AC “Man of the Day” is a guy who represents many of the AC features: a great attitude, style, and/or other traits. There are no exact or specific requirements to become a “Man of the Day”. You just have to have “it”.

The way to become a Man of the Day, you need to tag us in one of your pictures or send us a message @attireclub on Instagram. Of course we also accept submissions on our e-mail at

Our first Man of the Day was US model Steven Edward Dehler, who was also featured on our website, but we’re open to seeing your pictures and to feature them.

This way, we can connect people who share a taste for coolness. We’re looking forward to having you on board! Feel free to like or comment on the pictures and don’t forget to follow the guys themselves!


See you on Instagram!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. We want to hear from you! Who would you like to see as “Man of the Day?” Who is your favorite It-boy? Why? Share your feedback, questions or thoughts in the comments below! For more articles on style, fashion tips and cultural insights, you can subscribe to Attire Club via e-mail or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!



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