The 6 Goddesses of Modeling You Should Know

For a woman, her beauty is her crowning glory, but beauty is in the end more than just looks. Beauty is something that comes from the inside; it’s the projection of a constellation of characteristics such as poise, kindness and power that make someone bold and noteworthy.

In this roundup, discover our top goddesses of modeling that we think everyone around the world should know.



Lisa Fonssagrives



Lisa Fonssagrives, born Lisa Birgitta Bernstone, was born in 1911 in Göteborg, Sweden and was the first modern supermodel. She was the muse of many photographers, including Irving Penn, whom she was married to for a while and appeared in numerous iconic photographs. She was a true Vogue lady and worked hard on being the best model she could be. Lisa would go to museums such as the Louvre in Paris and study ancient sculptures in order to emulate their poses and grace in her work.






Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, best known as Dovima, was an American model, who was discovered on the streets of her home town of New York. She was a preeminent model during the 1950s and was considered to be the highest-paid model of her time. She worked closely with photographer Richard Avedon, who called her “the most remarkable and unconventional beauty of her time,” and one of the photos on which they worked together sold in 2010 for $1,151,976.






Born Lesley Hornby, Twiggy is one of the most iconic and influential models of our time. She was the face of the 60s and to this day serves as a muse and style icon for people from around the world. Twiggy has had a career outside of fashion as well, one of the highlights of her career being her book, “Twiggy in Black and White”, which became a best-seller.



Lauren Hutton



The All-American girl Lauren Hutton is originally from South Carolina, but she became a supermodel after moving to New York. She has since appeared on the cover of Vogue a record number of 26 times and has been an inspiration to people from all over the world. Her girl-next-door charm propelled her into becoming one of the world’s most recognizable faces.



Linda Evangelista



Linda Evangelista is a person that is hard to describe. Born in Canada in 1965 to Italian parents, she is probably one of the most commanding people who have ever worked in modeling and entertainment at large. No wonder has been featured on over 700 magazine covers and that she holds the record for the most Italian Vogue covers. Considered the “chameleon” of the fashion industry, she was one of the most famous women during the 1980s and 90s and one of the top models of the time.



Gisele Bündchen



Born in 1980 in Brazil, Gisele Bündchen has rapidly become not only a supermodel, but also a very influential figure in many other fields. One of her main influences on the fashion world was the “horse walk”, which is  a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front, which she developed as a Victoria’s Secret model.



Bonus: Veruschka



Countess Vera von Lehndorff-Steinort, known as Veruschka is more than a model. The German countess, born in 1939 is also a performance artist and actress. She is mostly known for her fashion photographs, in which she would wear strange styles, had her face painted and morphed into different characters, but also for her appearance in the 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni film Blowup.


Many other women have shaped the modeling world with their grace, talent and uniqueness, but these ladies are our hall of fame in terms of style and elegance. They represent great sources of inspiration in terms of manners, posture and attitude, which is what real style is all about.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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