Why Etiquette Is Always Relevant

What is etiquette?

Throughout history, people have always had a certain code of conduct that directed the way they would act in common circumstances. This used to give people a sense of order. Etiquette was also used with the purpose of releasing people of always having to make decisions and make sense of the world around them. Once people have become smarter and more democratic (it was a perverse effect of this movement), the notion of etiquette has dissipated very much.

While this might have sounded like a good idea at first, in the long run, it seems that so far, the lack of etiquette has made people more rude and impolite.

Of course, some etiquette ideas have run their course or are not relevant in today’s society anymore, we’re the first ones to argue that, but this does not mean that common sense and manners should disappear completely from our society.


Rules that make no sense or that are based on false authority privileges (for example not engaging in arguments with older people because they are wiser than young people) should definitely be let go, but we should always hold on to rules of civility that make life better.


In the end, that is the purpose of etiquette: to make things easier and clearer. Good etiquette makes going about different situations easier. To some people, it might seem that etiquette is imposing constrains, but in fact it is helping you know how to do something. Instead of always being involved in awkward situations, etiquette lets you know just when to do and how to do something.


Now, the level of etiquette you wish to follow is definitely dependent on you and the people around you. Basically, you can’t make others follow it. Sometimes, there are certain etiquette notions that you can follow yourself, such as following a guide for anniversary gifts by year. This is not something that involves others and can help you make gift-decisions easier.



Why follow etiquette rules?

There are many other advantages of following etiquette rules. Being well-mannered (which is something you can learn by yourself in case your parents have not taught you) will make your conversations clearer, it will make others see you as a professional and it provides you with personal security, as you will be more comfortable with yourself. In work situations, being well-mannered will make you come across as more competent and personable, which are two of the main criteria bosses are looking for when they want to promote someone.

It definitely needs to be mentioned that etiquette does not mean being rigid or old-timey, it simply means to follow a certain approach over doing things, which is based on fairness, kindness and respect.


Following these three main pillars correctly will enhance the quality of your life. Feeling comfortable and stable on the things you do will show and it will help you have a better relation to the environment and yourself.


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