The Best Dressed Men of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

The 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place last night in Kiev, Ukraine. It was as usual, a show that gathered colorful musical acts from throughout Europe in the search for the Old Continent’s next big pop hit.

The prize in the end went to Salvador Sobral from Portugal, who performed a soft and emotional ballad.


Eurovision is known to be quirky and strange to say the least. The music performed by most singers is by far on point, but the acts are campy and many people enjoy it. With this taken into consideration, take a look at our favorite menswear looks from the evening and what you can draw from them:



IMRI – Israel



Singer IMRI from Israel has been a great presence throughout the contest. What’s remarkable about him is that he has his aesthetic signature, which he always follows through. His fitted sleeveless shirts are part of his brand and we saw him wearing them both onstage and off. Now that’s commitment!



Kristian Kostov – Bulgaria



Bulgaria’s participant in the Eurovision contest was one of the youngest participants ever and the first Eurovision participant to be born in the 21st century. His look was defined by minimalism: simple lines, black and white and eye-grabbing details such as the sleeve that went over the finger.



Francesco Gabbani – Italy



Italy’s Francesco Gabbani, who performed with a fake gorilla, managed to pull off a campy loo, but to still keep it simple and quite stylish. The singer added some colorful details to his suit sleeves and an interesting neckpiece. This way, he upgraded an otherwise classic look for the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest.



Isaiah – Australia



Australia’s representative also wore a simple look, most likely to balance out the strong stage lights and to draw attention to his face. Wearing a long trench coat was definitely a great idea: it suited him very well. And he did that for a good reason. His grooming was very well done and made a lasting impression.



Hovig – Cyprus



Hovig from Cyprus wore a very cool quilted jacket, but his attitude was everything. While he wore a very casual look, including cut-down pants, Hovig’s singing and dancing was so coo that he did his outfit justice. It really goes to show how an outfit can work or not work due to your attitude.



Timur Miroshnychenko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk & Oleksandr Skichko



The three presenters of the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest all looked amazing. From glittering outfits to a black and white complementary duo to Timur’s interesting sartorial details, the three men were our favorite part of the show. Great job, both fashion- and jobwise!


While Eurovision might be a bit too much sometimes, it is definitely a welcome moment for interesting menswear. It’s exciting to see casual outfits brought to the stage or outfits that are different in terms overall styling and to imagine how they can translate in casual wear.

While the fashions were not so extreme this year, the acts were pretty colorful, as usually. Sometimes going really far is a great thing, especially for stage performances, as it pushes the boundaries of showmanship and explores new ways to go and fresh way to do things in terms of aesthetics.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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