Fashion Trend: Tropical Prints (B)

The tropical look

The tropical areas have always been a great source of inspiration for artists and craftsmen. The luscious fauna and flora of warm places are something that many people want to be surrounded by, even in the coldest of places.

The tropical aesthetic, composed of deep colors, especially dark green and brightly colored flowers, birds or animals as bigger or smaller pops of color, gives out a very warm and cozy vibe. The reference to a place where the sun shines all around the calendar gives to the average person living not living in a tropical area a sense of a prolonged holiday, given that for most people, the heat and travelling are associated with the childhood summer holidays.

In recent months, the tropical look has really taken off in fashion. It all began a few years ago and now, the stores, both online and off are filled with clothes featuring strelitzias, huge leaves and flamingos, sometimes on a black or white background, sometimes covering the whole piece.

What is great about these clothes is that they bring a lot of dynamism and a vibrant feel to one’s look. These are elements that often lack in menswear, so it’s great to see men wearing prints featuring some flowers and toucans here and there.



How to wear the tropical look

Despite of its very colorful and busy vibe, the tropical look can be easily incorporated into daily outfits with great ease. Generally, clothes featuring tropical elements are designed as casualwear, but if you can make them work in a formal look, we encourage you to go for it.


With neutral pieces

For a safe bet, busy prints can always be paired with a solid neutral. In fashion, neutrals are items that go with any color or print and with each other. They balance out bold colors and very busy prints. For example, if you are wearing a tropical shirt, you can pair it with a beige pair of pants. This way, you will obtain a balanced and soft, but dynamic look. Other neutral colors are tan, ivory, black, white, gray, brown, khaki and dark blue.


With other prints

There’s a whole art to wearing two prints at the same time or even three prints. This can be achieved, although it’s not very easy and it might take some practice. The main rule when it comes to mixing prints is that the elements that compose them should be of different sizes. For example, a tropical print featuring really large leaves and birds can be mixed and matched with a small print, such as small polka dots or thin stripes. If you were to mix it with large polka dots or thick stripes, the two prints would be too similar and would blend in, making the overall look loose its cohesion and coherence.

You can even wear two tropical prints at the same time. In this case, you can either wear one that features larger elements with one that features smaller elements or you can wear two prints that feature elements of approximately the same size, but that feature very different, even complementary, color palettes. Otherwise, you risk looking way too busy and like an optical illusion – and not in a good way.


With accessories

Tropical prints can be accessorized with almost anything, but you must be careful not to accessorize them with pieces that are extremely formal. The casual nature of tropical prints demands casual accessories.

Generally, accessories that come from the same area of aesthetics go well. For example, nautical accessories such as rope bracelets or clear white-red-blue watches can do the job.

You can also wear metals with your tropical prints, but this is not very recommended, as metals require a lot of attention and so do tropical prints, so you would be creating two focus points in your outfit, which might make the whole ensemble confusing.


With a little consideration, any man can create a great tropical look. Put on a tropical print shirt, a burgundy pair of pants and a beige sports jacket and you got yourself a great outfit base for going out with your buddies. Add some slip-on shoes and a minimalist watch and you are all set for the evening. Now, all you need is to find joy and fun in yourself.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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