How to Tell if Your Shirt Is the Right Length? (B)

When picking out shirts to wear, the main problem many men have is how long their shirt should be. If the shoulders are matching your natural shoulders and the overall fit of the body isn’t either too tight or too loose (you should be able to pinch your shirt about 1.5 – 2 inches / 4- 5 cm of your shirt when wearing it), then the length is what you need to look for.

There are two situations when it comes to wearing a shirt: you can either wear your shirt tucked or leave it untucked. As a general rule, when you are wearing a tucked shirt, it is not alright to untuck it later in the day, as it will be very wrinkly.


Tucked shirts



In the first scenario, where you are tucking your shirt in, you should always make sure that it is long enough to be tucked in your pant and remain there. Generally, 12 inches / 30 cm below your waist should be more than enough, even less than that will do the job. Basically, you need your shirt to fall almost at the lower end of your bum before putting on your pants. This length has a lot to do with your height, obviously, shorter men don’t need a lot of fabric, while taller men might need it. What you should look out for, of course is that it is not so short that it won’t stay tucked in your pants, but also that it isn’t so long that it adds a diaper-like bulk to your pants.



Untucked shirts

When you are wearing an untucked shirt, the rule is generally that it should not be too long. The right length of an untucked shirt is halfway between the bottom of your belt and the end of the zipper on your pants.

If the hemline ends higher, it is most likely that it is not a good fit for you, and if it is a lot longer, it is probably designed to be worn in your pants.




When it comes to your shirt’s sleeves, these should cover a little less than a quarter of your hand when held in a normal position; not too stretched, not too bundled.


A quick look in the mirror when wearing your button-down shirt will ensure you that you will look polished and sophisticated and that you have a made a good decision when it comes to your shirt.

Wearing shirts that fit well will make you look more structured, which will add to your confidence, which is what fashion is all about.

Knowing essential information about style and having the tools to have great style will take your life further in no time.


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