10 Style Things You Should Not Share

It’s always said that everything is better when shared, which is true. But not exactly always. Sometimes, for safety reasons, it’s best to keep some things just for yourself. OK, sometimes, you can make an exception, depending on the context or person who you are sharing the thing with.

Check out our list of things you are better off keeping for yourself.



Probably the most obvious and common item is underwear. The reasons why underwear should not be shared, especially worn, are quite obvious. Of course, clean underwear from clean people won’t carry anything that terrific, but still…


Lip balm

If you are using lip balm, it’s probably best to keep it for yourself. The surface skin of your lips is very sensitive. This is great when it comes to kissing, but the downside is that if you use a lip product from one person from another, you can easily catch something such as herpes.


Cream from a jar

If you want to give someone a little of your cream that’s OK, but it’s best not to share cream from a jar. Similarly to your lips, your fingers can carry bacteria that can get in touch with the cream and then with the other person’s skin. If you buy a cream for more people – say a couple -, it’s best to buy one in a tube. Tubes can be passed around more easily, from a safety point of view.


In-ear headphones

Headphones that you stick inside your ears can carry quite bad bacteria, which can have bad results if shared. According to an Indian study, 92% of shared in-ear headphones carry bad bacteria.



While it might seem obvious that toothbrushes should not be shared, a 2013 survey by ukbathrooms.com indicated that one in four couples share a toothbrush. Sharing a toothbrush can be damaging, as you may share not only oral problems, but also diseases such as hepatitis C.



While not as bad as toothbrushes, sunglasses can also carry bacteria that can enter the eye and cause health problems.



We’re not talking about stylish pocket squares that you put in your jacket’s pocket to look more stylish, but about the classic handkerchiefs you use to blow your nose. Just like underwear, these might not necessarily carry bacteria when washed, but you should still avoid sharing them.


Flip flops

Shoes in general are a big no when it comes to fashion items one should not share, but shoes that you wear directly on your feet (including sandals) should not be shared. The probability to get an infection or some sort of foot parasite are very high if you wear someone else’s shoes.



Earrings can carry bacteria as stick to someone else’s ears, but they can also carry diseases such as hepatitis B. Earring can sometimes scratch the wearer’s ear and the little blood that result from that can cause health problems to the next wearer.



Some people claim that soap should also not be passed from one person to another, as dirt residue might stick to it and transfer to the other person. However, so many generations of people have used one soap for an entire family and nothing happened. If you really want to be sure, go for liquid soap and you are all set.

We definitely encourage you to share things, but every once in a while, the consequences of sharing something can be quite bad. This is why it is important to think twice before sharing the items on this list or at least, consider the person you are sharing with. This way, you will have a better style experience and will avoid possible issues in the near (or far) future.

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