4 Essentials for a Male Cheerleading Outfit

Over the years, cheerleading has been synonymous with the with many sporting activities, events and organizations such as the NFL league. It all started with regular chanting to team motivation, and it’s now an organized competition with stringent qualification requirements. The cheerleading spirit is even contagious, and it’s now a norm in schools and colleges all over the world, especially as popularized by US media.


While cheerleading has been perceived as a female dominated sport, male cheerleaders make up approximately 50% of US cheerleaders at the collegiate level. This is sort of contradictory since men are actually the founders of cheerleading. It all started when a sports fan wanted to motivate his team at a game and began to lead the first cheer. Later on, women became more involved but it’s still common to have male cheerleaders.


Like female cheerleaders, male cheerleader also have to pay extra attention to the uniform they’ll be wearing. The uniform has to represent the team spirit and also allow for intricate dance movements. Thankfully it’s where sites like Move U (https://moveu.us/team/cheerleading) come in handy since it offers a variety of cheerleading menswear.


Let’s go over some basic cheerleading menswear and hopefully help you narrow down your options. Read on to learn more.




1. Pants

Not all male cheerleaders have to wear long pants. Shorts are appropriate for warmer climates or indoor cheering. Whether you choose pants or shorts make sure they match the color of female cheerleaders’ uniforms. They should also be made of the same material as the girls’ uniforms, which is usually a polyester cotton blend – otherwise it can get confusing.



2. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the norm with outfitting a male cheerleader. They can be worn either underneath a sweater (during the colder weather) or as a main uniform shirt. This is a great option if you’re on a limited budget, since cotton polo shirts tend to be cheap.

Alternatively, you could opt for a short sleeved shirt that should be made of the same material as the pants or shorts you’ve chosen. Again, make sure they match the girls’ uniform colors.



3. Sweaters

This is optional and a matter of preference. Usually male cheerleaders wear sweaters depending on their location. If you’re going to cheer outside, in the cold, all the men on your squad have to wear sweaters.



4. Shoes

Male cheerleader shoes need to offer more support, so you need to spend the most of your time focused on the most suitable choice. This support is essential, since the men perform the base stunts in a group.



The takeaway

Cheerleading is fun and energizing. If you finally made it onto the team, be sure to get outfits that match or complement your team colors. Also, take into account the fabric for your uniforms. For example, during hot seasons, wearing outfits with breathable fabric will keep your squad comfortable. Getting customized and personalized outfits for your team is also something you should consider.


Men’s cheerleading routines focus less on flexibility and splits but more on tumbling in the form of flips, pikes and handstands. This requires a great deal of core strength and strong legs. It’s necessary to find an adequate cheerleading uniform that will enable you to do that without any restrictions or wardrobe malfunctions (tearing).


Wearing clothes that not only look good, but are comfortable as well is a great start for a good cheerleading experience. This will enhance not only the attitude of the cheerleading group, but also of the audience and, of course, by extent, of the team. Thus, everyone will have a great game experience, regardless of the outcome of the game.



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