The 2018 Golden Globes in Menswear

The 75th edition of the Golden Globes took place on January 7th. The ceremony gathered the world’s most popular TV and film stars in Los Angeles, California, to award the best in their field.

This year, the red carpet was a fashion statement show, as many celebrities wore all-black or almost all-black outfits. The reason why they did this was to showcase their support for the Time’s Up cause, which is meant to combat sexual assault in Hollywood, which has been a very heated topic over the last months and which has made headlines around the world.

Zac Efron & Chris Hemsworth


Thus, this time around, there were no colorful dressed and not even the rare colorful menswear moments. Sure, some men added some white to their looks, but most of them wore either classic black suits with white shirts or all-black ensembles. As usually, there were all the variations of suits: shawl lapels and peak lapels, one-button and two-button, everything fit well and looked pretty great. Since red carpet events in general have become a runway show where designers showcase their fashions, it’s rare to see a really ill-fitting or overall bad outfit.


The social aspect of the Golden Globes also translated into the political, as, after Oprah Winfrey’ passionate speech, a social media storm encouraged her to run for president of the United States of America in two years, when new elections will be held. Hollywood has indeed become very political over the last years or so, it seems that much of the American social narrative is driven by Hollywood or through Hollywood.


James Franco & Nick Jonas


There is definitely change coming to Hollywood, but the question now is how will things change. Will it move towards a new beginning where everything is more transparent and open, or will it change to a system of closed circles – just that of a different type?

The Golden Globes are one of the first awards ceremonies each year, so the next ones of the series (which will culminate with the Oscars) will most probably give us more insight into how Hollywood will change in the years to come.

The political approach to fashion is not new, it has been a trend mainly in the West for a few seasons now and we’re expecting to see a lot more of it this year. Black is also a trending color, which could be one of the colors of 2018.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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