The Valentine’s Day Rules

VDay is one of those strange holidays that, if you think about it, we don’t really need, but that is highly popular and growing in popularity around the world.

And, since Valentine’s Day has become some sort of tradition, there are many rules attached to it, at least for those who celebrate it. These rules touch on fashion, etiquette and, of course, gifts.



Fashion and styling

Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday because all the relevant rules are quite obvious. But that is what makes it interesting. The clothes you wear and the way you style yourself say a lot about your personality, your desires and how you would like to be approached. Most people apply this concept only on Valentine’s Day, but we recommend applying it every day. Treat every day like an opportunity to let the world know who you are, what your interests are and how you want to be treated.

On Valentine’s Day, this is quite obvious: the more you put yourself together, the more you show you care. If you are going to a restaurant or any special occasion, wear a suit or a smart-casual outfit made from an elegant sweater and dark-wash jeans. Otherwise, you can keep it more casual than that, but make sure your clothes look clean and polished and that your grooming is well done. Trim your beard, your nails and make sure your hair is in place. Any look made impeccably makes you look like you are invested in your date.




When it comes to the things you do, it should, once again, be obvious. On Valentine’s Day, we recommend going somewhere or doing something that implies first and foremost, talking and then some activity, such as dancing. Sharing experiences such as a movie or a concert can also be nice, but they can’t really be the center of your date, since they don’t involve any interaction between you and your partner.




Valentine’s Day is, like most holidays, a gift-offering holiday. Show your feelings for someone by giving them something you know they will like and, above all, like to receive. The gifts we offer say a lot about our relation to the gift-receiver. Giving something too intimate involves you know the person well, so giving something intimate to someone you don’t know really well can send a bad message. In other words, not being realistic about your degree of closeness might make your date uncomfortable. Express yourself, but not in a way to scare them off.



But still…

In the end, we need to take a look at why Valentine’s Day is a growing phenomenon, even though it is a holiday that doesn’t make much sense, similar to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Anthropologically speaking, VDay is catching on more and more for two reasons: one – because it is a holiday that celebrates love and, in our culture, where desperate sex has become the replacement of love, people believe that love is a rarity (and, in many cases is). We should celebrate our relationship every day, but, as love is an exotic concept, more and more people adhere to ideas such as Valentine’s Day. Moreover, the disappearance of religion from life has left people with empty holidays. Easter, Christmas and other religious holidays are mere occasions to meet, they don’t really have a spiritual meaning for most people in the Western world at least. Thus, a holiday that celebrates love, which is still something people care about, makes a lot of sense.



Maybe a positive spin can be put on Valentine’s Day and we can turn it into a holiday that shows how relevant love is (but also how relevant our aspect and actions are) and then use to make every day VDay to the best of our abilities and without vulgarizing it, of course. But that’s highly unlikely to happen.


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