Why Simplicity is Always Best

Think of “classic men’s fashion”. What comes first to mind? A suit, a black suit and a white shirt? A black suit, a white shirt and a black tie?

Why do we all see these things as classics? In order to answer this question, we should define the word “classic”. Classic, according to the dictionary means “serving as a standard of excellence : of recognized value, 2 characterized by simple tailored lines in fashion year after” etc, or we can say, in simpler words “well established”. Notice how all the things that are classics, are very simple and yet attractive. Art history, architecture history and all well-done things have taught us that simplicity is key! There is a saying that applies in cinema, fashion and generally in all arts, which is: “less is more”. This means that you do not need to be explicit, being subtle is much more interesting and it will draw more people to you. If you click around our website, you will see photos of clothes that are really something else, yet very simple.

To give you an example, we want to bring this outfit to your attention.


Why simplicity is always best


It consists of four visible pieces. A white shirt: never goes out of style. The key is: it has to fit! Look at how well this shirt frames the model’s neck! Also, the collar is very important. We wrote an article a while ago on collars. The black tie is, as we already said, a classic. The man in the picture is wearing a thin tie, which makes the whole outfit more dynamic and goes very well with his body frame. Men with massive bodies should not wear slim ties.

The two pieces are paired with a pair of jeans. Classic jeans are always the best answer. When you choose jeans, look for jeans that fit you and that have a darker wash, as it this looks a lot dressier.

So far, white is a neutral color, black is a neutral color, and jeans are neutral as well. We said it before, neutrals are colors that go with any other color. Besides black and white, beige, gray and khaki are also some neutral colors.

But this outfit pops and creates a huge visual interest when adding the burgundy velvet jacket!

Some colors go better in different fabrics than others. You always need that pop: whether it’s a pattern, an accessory or a another piece in a bright color in a great fabric, something must “crown the outfit”, as we say.

You can always combine colors, wear more accessories, combine patterns (read here how), but always have in mind that it needs to be done in good taste. We are going to discuss what “good taste” means in another article, but, basically, if something makes you visually tired, it’s not in very good taste. Something too flashy or that makes you and the others uncomfortable, is not very elegant as well. Keep things moderate, and you will look your best!


So, we hope you found this article useful and will try to stand out next time you choose clothes to build and outfit!

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P.S. What do you think? Do you think more is more, or do you stick to less is more?



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  1. Found your site from iheartifb, and so very very true – I tend to go all out with my outfits, and never really get that ‘polished’ / ‘refined’ look.
    Looking forward to your next post!


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