Choosing Glasses according to Your Face Shape, Hair and Eye Color (P)

More and more people these days need glasses as a result of spending too much time in front of screens, as the TV or the laptop, or due to other factors. Many people though do not feel very comfortable with wearing glasses. Maybe some just have bad memories from their childhood, when they were being mocked or others just feel that it is too much of a change. It’s true that sometimes glasses (especially the wrong pair) can make you look a lot different from what you look like without them. But different does not necessarily mean worse.

You don`t necessarily need to buy designer glasses if you know what to look for, but make sure the material out of which the glasses are made of is good!

You don’t necessarily need to buy designer glasses if you know what to look for, but make sure the material out of which the glasses are made of is good!

Glasses have been around for centuries, even in Ancient times there were weird forms of what we today call glasses or spectacles, but only recently they have become more than just a technical object, as the beauty of the object and the wearer were taken in consideration.

Knowing how to choose the right pair of glasses is a huge deal, which is why in the next paragraphs we have decided to share with you the things you know about glasses and aesthetics: what colors is the best, what shape is the best for your face, etc. Choosing glasses can be fun, so let’s dive right in!



Glasses and face shape

It’s true that you can choose any glasses, and if you feel confident in them, you will project that confidence. Choose what your instinct tells you. But, if you’re instinct isn’t sure either, here’s a more scientific way to choose a pair of glasses according to your face shape.

In the picture you can see the different types of faces. We will describe each type and write what kind of glasses suit it best:


Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don`t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.

Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don’t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.


The oval face is the most “flexible” if you will type of face. It is characterized by the fact that the chin is a little narrower than the forehead. Proportions are usually quite balanced. Oval faces usually have high cheek bones. For example actor Ryan Gosling has an oval face. With this kind of face, almost all types of glasses work. Choose frames that are somewhat broader than the widest part of your face. Also, avoid shapes that might unbalance your features. Square and rectangular frames can add angles if you have soft curves.

Round faces have full cheeks and sometimes a rounded chin with few angles. This type of face also has an equal length and width. If you are looking for round faces in the media, Jack Black is a good example. If you have a round face, you might want to go with something quite geometrical, like frames that are shaped like rectangles. But, what you need to keep in mind is that slightly rounded edges are better, as a frame with very harsh angle will only emphasize roundness. High temples on your glasses will also be slimming.

Heart-faces are characterized by a broad forehead and wide and high cheek bones that will narrow to a small chin. If you have this face type, which usually also has a narrow jaw line, you might want to look for rounder frames, as they will balance the forehead. This is why Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake wear this type of glasses. Also, you can consider rimless glasses.

Last but not least, square faces have a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and a square chin. Width and length are also proportional. Oval and round frames suit this type best. The curves will help you easily soften your strong features. American celebrity Nick Lachey has this type of face. Also Mario Lopez is in this category.

There are variations of these four types of faces, of course, but the variations are included in these four types.



Glasses and colors

While we often talk about colors and how to match them, but you’re probably wondering how to choose your glasses while you change your clothes everyday. You don’t need to match your glasses to your clothes, the trick is to match them to your hair! So here’s how it goes:

If you have brown hair, you can choose black, blue or pink frames if you have dark undertones, if your hair has lighter undertones, you can go for reds, creamy-whites, or warm greens. Also purple might be a good choice!

If you have blond hair, you can choose coral, green and different shades of red. If your hair is blond and has cooler undertones, you might look into black, blue or pink frames. You can also go for gold.

If you have red hair, black and warm neutrals (like cream) are the best choice for you. Also green is a great choice!

If you have black hair, you can go for black, blue and other saturated colors. Ashy tones might make you look washed out.

For those who have gray or white hair, choose something like bright red navy. Also burgundy or light blue would make a good choice. Avoid yellow or brown.


The color of your glasses should be matched only to your hair color, but also to your eye color, so here we go:

If you have hazel eyes, choose browns or greens. Also gold frames might look good.

If you have brown eyes, go with something that resembles your eye color, like shades that remind you of trees (different shades of brown like Mahogany and Bourbon)

Green eyes go best with brown or gold tones. Also, if you want to create a contrast, you can go for different shades of pink.

For those with blue eyes, blue and gray tones go the best. If you want to create a contrast choose saturated browns.


Some people like to wear colored lenses. This is great, just make sure that the color of your lenses goes with your hair and eye colors and the frame color!




Fraquoh and Franchomme





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P.S. Share your thoughts in the comments below! What do you look for when buying glasses? Did you have bad child experiences related to glasses? What type of frames do you prefer?



37 thoughts on “Choosing Glasses according to Your Face Shape, Hair and Eye Color (P)

  1. though i don’t wear glasses, this can definitely apply to sunglasses too! i have a small (as in overall size) oval face, very pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes and i’ve always found that slightly bigger square frames in browns, greens and purples suit me best.

    smaller frames, like small rectangular or rounded ones don’t suit my face AT ALL and make it look totally unbalanced. a good tip if you’re looking for glasses is to think back to what sunglasses suit you ..and voila! makes choosing glasses much easier. unless you like wearing those gigantic ones that cover half your face, haha.

    • Hy Celine, thank you for the comment. Your glasses can definitely impact the way your face looks. In terms of makeup, we can’t tell you a lot, since AC is a men’s style blog and that does not cover our field so much (the only tips we have for men who choose to wear makeup is to keep it simple), but we generally would recommend to wear only colors that make your face more open. if you have a bigger forehead and don’t want to draw people’s eyes to it, or cheekbones you don’t feel flatter you, we recommend using your hair to camouflage those features, rather than makeup.

  2. Hi Celine, This information is very interesting. I’m clueless when it comes to fashion or colors so I really appreciate this information although I’m a bit confused. I’m buying designer sun glasses and the ones I like have a black frame (which matches my black hair). Since there are sun glasses, does it really matter the color of my eyes (dark brown)? Also, in regards the color of the lenses, How do I choose the right color? I really like the indigo but I’m not sure how good will it look on me ( I’m a dark skin Latino). Your advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

    • Hello,

      Thank you for the question.

      We are glad you liked the article.

      A black frame will look great on almost any skin tone so there is a good chance it will look good on you. Golden, beige or shiny cream frames might also look amazing on you.

      If you want to wear sunglasses with really dark lenses, then the color of your eyes is not very important, as your eyes won’t be visible. Indigo could work very well on a dark skin tone, you should definitely try them. As a rule of thumb, what you can do is try on several pairs of sunglasses and see how they look on your skin tone. You will notice that some colors such as indigo, blue, ivory, cream, etc. look better on you than white, brown or khaki. Always think that the colors you wear need to compliment your skin tone and not be too similar to it.

      Just as a note: when you are trying sunglasses on, put them on normally at first, to see how the design affects your face (remember that their shape needs to contrast with your natural features: if you have a square-shaped face, you should go for rounder frames and vice versa), and after that put the sunglasses against your face, not on your eyes and look in the mirror how they look on your complexion; as you won’t have a clear picture on how the color of the lenses goes with your skin tone if your vision is modified by the glasses.

      In regards to choosing the best colors for your skin tone, we can recommend a few articles we wrote on this topic:

      Here is an article on choosing the best colors for dark skin tones:

      The article speaks about clothes, but the same rules can apply to sunglasses lenses as well.

      For more information on how to choose colors, please visit this article:

      or this article for more examples of color matching:

      We also think this article might be useful:

      It speaks about choosing colored contact lenses according to your natural features, so you will be able to use that information as well, by replacing “contact lenses” to “sunglasses lenses”.

      Moreover, if you want to learn more about choosing the best colors for your natural features, take a look at this article:

      Please let us know if you need any clarification or if you have any other questions!

      Best wishes and good luck with your shopping spree!


  3. Hi, I have Hazel eyes and a ‘quite mature’ oval face. I have chosen a pink/purple undertone frame for my first one and a cobalt blue/black as my second. Both are vaguely cat eye with squaring. Both make me look like I’m wearing eyeshadow and the all around frames camouflage the ‘tiny’ (I wish) baggies under my eyes. Yes, my hair is brown, blonde, ash and greyish and so these colours might not seem ideal but the others were so bland when I tried them. If I have to wear glasses and pay good money for them, then I want them to help my eyes look younger and fresher. I found that to pick the right shape and colour, try them on and if your eyes ‘pop’ or appear brighter and younger and whiter – that’s the pair. I figure I have 2 feet and try on funky shoes, I have 2 eyes and they deserve the same fun! I think my glasses have stopped my face looking so bland and have brightened up my whole look. Be guided by your glasses specialist but also try on anything that catches your eye ‘no pun intended’!!!

  4. These are such great tips! My mom went to the optometrist last week and found out she’s going to need glasses. She’s been freaking out, trying to figure out what frames would look best with her face. I’ll have to show her this article! I love that the article mentions the importance of choosing the right color for glasses. I never even would have thought of that.
    Brook |

    • Dear Anita,

      You can wear green or orange glasses for a great effect.

      Otherwise, you can opt for a neutral pair. The best neutral that goes with your combination would probably be black!

      Let us know if you have any more questions!


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