How Your Clothes Can Influence Your Travel Experience

During the last 10 years, more and more people travel by plane and train, for personal or professional use.

Always make sure to wear airport-safe clothes!

Always make sure to wear airport-safe clothes!

Although the companies that are running the planes and trains are doing a good job at keeping up with the people’s needs, there are however a few things you can do to make your trip better!

Did you know that there are a few clothing and styling tricks that can offer you a better experience when traveling and as a result, a softer outlook on things and a more relaxed mind. Here’s what you need to do while traveling and when you get there!


So, here’s what anyone can do:

1. Dress elegantly, but not dressy. Think of your trip as a visit to a semi-formal meeting. This will also give you a better mindset and will not let you take things personally. It’s common for clothes to make an impact on the way you feel and see things.

2. Wear dark clothes. It’s always better to wear colors like brown, navy blue, dark-grey etc when you travel, not because the plane or train is dirty and it will leave a mark on your white shirt, but when you travel (especially by plane) small accidents (like spilling a juice glass) can happen quite often. So, don’t wear a bright outfit!

3. Avoid wearing a hat or many other detachable accessories, like scarves, as you might lose them when you leave your plane/train.

4. Another thing you can keep in mind is wearing similar clothes as the last time you traveled. Wearing similar clothes can help you create a “routine”, so that the things you need to have on you (passport, phone, etc) can feel as a part of you and if something is missing, you are more likely to notice it right away!

5. If you travel in countries that are not as rich as yours (for example someone traveling from the US to India), don’t wear things that might make you look “rich”. Avoid wearing expensive watches, jewelery etc. Also, things that might not be considered “rich” where you live, might be considered that way in another country. Beware of the logos or inscriptions on your clothes that might attract the people you don’t want to attract.

6. Always carry the bags you can carry! Having too much can make you lose you luggage, or can put you in the position of having to ask someone to hold it for you, which might not end as you planned.

7. When you travel, always beware of the culture you travel in. Make sure none of the things you wear means something religious to that people, even though you might be wearing just as a piece of decoration. Also, things like showing too much skin can be a problem. Even though you are a man and a tourist, not all places are happy to receive men with no sleeves or short pants. Also, in some places women wearing pants is still a taboo, so you don’t want to piss anybody off! Keep in mind that you need to check whether your piercing, tattoos, jewelery, etc might have a bad impact on your travel!

8. If you find yourself in a situation where you are told that your clothes are inappropriate, leave and change them! Don’t try to fight the law, it has been there for probably hundreds of years, and will be a long time after you leave, so you’re not going to change it and you will only bring trouble upon yourself!

9. Don’t wear t-shirts with inscriptions on it, even that inscription is just a funny one or a neutral one, like a name or a TV series name. You never know! We once saw someone who had no idea that he was wearing a t-shirt that said “whore”. The AC t-shirts are perfect for any culture!

10. As a last tip, although this is not clothes-related, always scan your documents and e-mail them to yourself before you leave. In case something happens, you can always prove who you are by checking your e-mail!

Have a nice trip everyone! By the way, you can purchase the Attire Club t-shirts here!


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P.S. Share your thought! Did you ever had a weird clothing experience while traveling?  Did you ever get in trouble for the clothes you wore? What is your favorite piece to wear when you travel? Keep the conversation going in the comments below!



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    • We`re not that good at Spanish, but we think you said: “What a great article! Thank you for sharing! I want to invite you to see my latest photo shoot with JG. Kisses and … kisses. ?

  1. Nice post! 🙂 being a frequent traveller, I suggest always wear comfortable clothes but also “simple” things. Especially girls avoid bangles, and lots of jewellery or you will turn into an alarm at airport security. Also avoid heels, unless it’s comfortable ones and boots, boots you always have to take off at security wasting time… 🙂

  2. very good tips. even in country that don’t have any taboo with clothes like Jamaica you might tick someone off. I wore a t-shirt that I thought was cute that had written on it “Guys are great everyone should get one” A woman told at the hotel I was staying that my t-shirt sucks lol.

  3. From experience I wear something simple on flights. A white sweater, t-shirt & some comfortable pants. The more I travel, the less I carry. One pair of jeans can last longer than you think 🙂 xoxo KJ

  4. A very very nice article! Just thought of leeting you know, India is not a poor country! LOL.. it’s a very culture rich and a developing country. I know it because I am an Indian!

    • Hello,

      We definitely did not want to stereotype people or cultures, we’re aware that India is a huge culture and a growing country. We chose to write India and probably should have said “remote Indian ghettos” or something as we wanted to mean something that’s far away and different from the West. We could have written “American ghetto” but we wanted to emphasis the travel to a different culture thing.

      We did not mean to offend anyone, anyhow, anytime!

      We embrace all cultures and are happy you take pride in your heritage. We take pride too in ours.

      We are happy you liked the article and hope to see you on the blog again!

  5. You definitely need to be culturally-sensitive if you go to a foreign country, so that you don’t have strange negative experiences!

    • You are right! Everyone needs to be prepared for traveling on all levels, including in the clothing department!

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