An Adidas golf t-shirt

An Adidas golf t-shirt

Golf has established itself as a very exclusive and elegant sport. It’s origins go back to 15th century Scotland, but some argue that it is in fact much older than that.

Playing golf is like any other sport: you need to learn the rules, practice and then practice some more. For most, golf is associated with country clubs and a day in the open field, which might find many men wondering what they should wear.

If you are a golfer, then you have something in common with 90% of the CEOs of the Fortune top 500.

You know, from us at least, that each occasion requires a certain type of attire, and golfing is no exception. Just as you wear a suit at the office, there is a certain dress code for the course. There are some country clubs that even have a dress code regarding their golf field. Usually, this consists in a “no jeans” policy, so it would be advisable to get used to the idea that golfing and jeans don’t go together well.

Here are some things you should wear:

  • A golf shirt that has a collar. You will find many “golf shirts” out there. If you are uncertain, you should stick with known brands. For example, Adidas offers a wide range of golfing attire, from shirts to jackets and pants. They immersed in the golfing community since the 1920s and we guess they have a pretty good sense of what a golfer needs.
  • In terms of pants, you can choose long pants or short pants. If you decide to wear short pants, make sure they have been designed for golfing and are not simply gym shorts (or boxers).
  • If you are wearing short pants, they should match your socks!
  • Wear a nice leather belt to complete the look.
  • Make sure you wear the rights shoes for golfing. Some brands such as Nike, Puma or Adidas offer special golfing shoes. We recommend these types of shoes, as youcan be sure that if you wear them, you can’t go wrong.

    A Puma golf shoe

    A Puma golf shoe

  • In terms of accessories, hats and gloves are most common. A single glove in white is generally worn in the hand that you use the less. This means that right-handed people wear the glove on their left hand.
  • When it comes to colors, on the golf course people usually dress up quite colorful, but this does not mean that you should overdo it or wear colors that might make people mistake you for a sign or something.
  • A golf sweater, vest, or jacket is practical if you start really early in the morning when it’s cold or on a cooler day. Make sure your jacket is waterproof!


Additional tips:

You need to be careful to things that are not fashion, but are actions and etiquette. We like to call all the things you do before and after the act of dressing up “metafashion”. For example, keeping your clothes clean and pressed and showing up on time are truly essential things one must do!


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