Fashion blogging à l’italienne: The Shine on Blogging Award

Fashion blogging à l’italienne: The Shine on Blogging Award

A while ago we had the pleasant surprise of being nominated for a new blogging award called the Shine on Blogging Award. We received the nomination from fashion blogger Chiara Gambino, who blogs at Petit Mignon Deux.

As with any blogging award, there are some rules one needs to follow, which is what we are about to do here. First of all, you need to speak about the person who offered you the award. Then you need to insert the photo, state 7 things about yourself and finally make your fifteen nominations!  Of course, you are also supposed to let the new winners know that they were nominated. We chose 15 diverse bloggers to nominate, and what we wanted to make sure, was that they are from all around the world, you can scroll down for the list of nominees! It’s pretty International, so get ready!

What was interesting about getting this award was that the text was written in Italian; a language we hold dear but don’t master at its finest. That, however, was what made it even more fun! So, here it goes:

Shine on Award Attire Club



Come nasce il tuo Blog? How was your blog born?

Attire Club appeared as the need to offer men who are creating and developing their own styles a complete experience. As you might know by now, we believe that if you have the right tools, you can create your own style and express yourself through the way you look. However, clothes are not everything, and this is an important part of our vision. We believe that attitude is what counts just as much as clothes and that you can change your mood and feel by listening to music. More than that, we wanted to have a place where people can discover elegance and beauty in more fields than just fashion, as fashion is strongly connected to technology, painting, photography, cinema, sports and so much more. AC is also a place where we write about the different cultural and social aspects of style and where we offer consistent inspiration for our dear readers to use when they are putting their outfits together.


Qual è la cosa più importante nella tua vita? What is the most important thing in your life?

We have discussed this and concluded that you can’t name one thing that is the most important, as, as we said before, things in life are connected and while some things, such as health and fine living are important, there are also many other things which, if they would lack, would lead to a disturbance in life.


Hai altre passioni? Do you have any other passions?

We like to do a lot of things, but each of us has his own preferences. From our series of hobbies, we can mention a few, for example Fraquoh likes to read and go to the theater, while Franchomme likes to cook and watch rugby games.


Sei ambiziosa o sei una di quelle persone che preferiscono lasciarsi trascinare dalla corrente? Are you an ambitious person or are you one who likes to get carried away?

While we both would love to sit and daydream from time to time, we can say that we are both quite ambitious and try to be as practical as possible. Franchomme is more of the daydreamer, but Fraquoh never fails to bring him back.


Qual’è il tuo stile? What is your style?

Answering this question might need more time to answer, but by looking through our website, you can tell where we lie: We love classic pieces with a modern hint, or modern pieces with historic references. This however, can change from day to day, as fashion and style evolve organically.


Ti piace viaggiare? Qual’è il tuo posto preferito? Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place?

We both enjoy travelling and what’s amazing about today is that you can do it in so many ways! We’ll go anywhere as long as there’s something to see or to create. Any invites?


Una citazione che ti caratterizza. What is a quote that characterizes you?

Again, we are too different to answer this together and there are so many good quotes out there, but, to keep it in the fashion context, we have a saying: “In style, the ordinary should always be extraordinary”.



Le nostre nomination / Our nominations go …

To the Big Apple Ostrich

To the fabulous designer and blogger from London with a Hungarian accent:

To the conceptual artist

To the Romanian cook

To the Manhattan photographer

To the New Jersey fashionista               

To the trend follower

To the stylish Pakistani dentist

To the fashion duo

To the runway enthusiast

To the Washington eccentric

To the wonderful ballerina

To the Sultanate of Oman fashion blogger

To the Canadian student

To the ceramics pro


Grazie a Chiara and thank you again to all our supporters!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. Any corrections on our Italian are dearly welcome!


17 thoughts on “Fashion blogging à l’italienne: The Shine on Blogging Award

  1. Congratulations gentlemen, and thank you for your nomination. It really made my day. It was nice to read your answers, gave me some more insight, it is always nice to peek behind the scenes. Keep up the great work, guys, happy blogging!
    Anami 🙂

    • Hy Anami, thank you very much for your wishes! We are very glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing your nominations!

  2. Congratulations : you deserve it as your impeccably stylish blog truly stands out !!! Thank you so very much for nominating me, and for labelling me as a « Runway enthusiast » ! Due to my editorial guideline, I never publish posts about awards, but I deeply appreciate to be nominated ! It’s my absolute pleasure to share 7 facts about me, only on your blog :
    How was your blog born ? I’ve been a fashion documentalist for 12 years and wanted to share my fascination for designers’ inspirations.
    What is the most important thing in your life ? Fashion !
    Do you have any other passions ? Music (Mylène Farmer, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Strokes …).
    Are you an ambitious person or are you one who likes to get carried away ? Rather than ambitious, I’d say that I’m a perfectionist.
    What is your style ? Androgynous, mostly all-black, and always labelled Jean Paul Gaultier !
    Do you like to travel ? What is your favorite place ? London, in the late ’90s.
    What is a quote that characterizes you ? « Good things come to those who wait ».
    Thanks again and keep on the inspiring work !

    • We are glad this means so much to you and that we could be part of it! Hope everything turns for the better!


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