The Best Looks at London Collections: Men / Spring-Summer 2015

The British capital became the center of men’s fashion for a few days last week, as designers showcased their spring-summer 2015 collections at London Collections: Men.

The three days of presentations and fashion shows brought a lot of new ideas, concepts, cuts, shapes and inspiration to take in for the spring-summer 2015 season. The garments were of course crafted with amazing attention and craftsmanship and we could see everything from neutral colors, to bold shades of red, yellow or blue, and from slim-tailored suits to extremely loose pieces. Sometimes the pieces were so loose, the model was almost invisible. Now if that’s not a fashion statement, what is?

Overall, it looks like the designers who presented their clothes at LCM SS 2015 wanted to show that men can and should enjoy crazy designs just as much as women. We could see very colorful pieces and we’re wondering whether the 2015 summer will indeed be a very colorful one for men. Highly-saturated colors and fancy accessories seem to be the hits of the season, mixed with references from the arts and history.

It is hard to characterize an entire event and to generalize what was presented, but we can say that the main elements that present at this June’s event were daring fabrics, unconventional silhouettes and a desire to be ostentatious and loud. There were so many colors, messages and crazy cuts presented, that one might actually wonder how these will be interpreted by the mainstream and how regular people will incorporate these elements in their wardrobes. Of course, the creations are very useful as inspiration; we think that any man can use them as inspiration, especially in terms of mixing colors. We really liked how various designers used colors for this season’s collections.

The new collections also brought technological innovations in the spotlight, Pringle of Scotland using a 3D printer to help finish their designs, which made fashion step into a new era of technology. A 3D printer was used to incorporate ladders into the cable detail. Technology is always a factor that creates new means of artistic and creative expression.

Apparently, it seems that even though some designers opted for tailored looks, boxy cuts are a regular these days among men’s fashion designers who very often turned to this type of tailoring for their creations.

It was a colorful three days in London and we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite looks from the show.  Take a look at our favorite designs, read our commentary and find your inspiration in these summer looks!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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8 thoughts on “The Best Looks at London Collections: Men / Spring-Summer 2015

  1. Hmmm, so many lovely looks to choose from: there is the bold black and white print ensemble, i love the casual feel of the green jacket, what appears to be knitwear and trousers…its also nice to see the more looser fit brown trousers paired with the white top above. When people put up Fashion Week Mensposts on Facebook, i often see comments written by men complaining that the trousers look too skinny, would never fit them etc…I’ve just done a menswear post on a fashion shoot i styled. When you have a moment have a look, would be interesting to have your opinion. Thanks

    • One of the things we’ve have also met is the thought that fitted clothes are too tight, when in fact, fitted means that they need to fit your size!

      Thank you for the input!

      Also, we’re always glad to discover new posts and it would be great to take a look at your post!



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