An Introduction to Men’s Earrings (B)

Mens EarringsEarrings, even though they are mostly associated with women, are gaining a lot of popularity among men as well. If back in the day it was only guys like Mr. T or George Michael who would wear them, now they are rapidly becoming a part of our daily lives.

With all this, many men who decide to wear earrings don’t know much about them and what to consider when purchasing a pair. They don’t know how, when and why they should wear them and how they are perceived by others. In this guide, we explore some of the most important aspects of the men’s earrings world and clear up some things that you’ve probably asked yourself and couldn’t find an answer.




Earrings date back so long ago that we don’t actually know who was the first one to invent them and why. And while it could have been anyone from the Persians to the Egyptians, one thing is sure: earrings used to have a lot of cultural significance. Even today, earrings have profound significations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Laos.

Generally, each people who made used earrings gave them an important signification, even though sometimes this was just an aesthetic one. At many times, aesthetic functions were strongly correlated to other functions these pieces of jewelry used to have.

Earrings are even mentioned in the Old Testament, so their history dates back to very old times.




There are a lot of styles of earrings out there, each with its own cultural heritage and references. While most men’s earrings are simple studs or loop earrings, a lot of men today wear other styles as well, including but not limited to scaffold and snug earrings.


Different types of ear piercings

Different types of ear piercings


There is no such thing as a casual or a formal earring, even though some earrings look more elegant than others. Of course, colorful, playful or funky earrings do have a more casual vibe to them than golden, silver or diamond earrings, but this does not mean that golden earrings are proper accessories for a formal suit.


A pair of simple, black earrings

A pair of simple, black earrings


Since earrings are strongly associated with female looks in our culture, wearing them with formal men’s attire will only draw attention to them in a distracting way. We always say that your accessories should support your outfit and not become the center of it. Wearing earrings with a suit will distract people from you and your suit and will make them focus only on the earring.


Taye Diggs is bringing the sparkle with his subtle earrings. Notice how they really go great with his casual, yet elegant outfit

Taye Diggs is bringing the sparkle with his subtle earrings. Notice how they really go great with his casual, yet elegant outfit


We generally advise men who want to wear earring that they should keep it very simple. Of course, this does not mean that sparkle or not OK, but it should still be simple and as elegant as possible. Depending on the part of the world, earrings can have certain connotations: some people associate men wearing earring with rebels, while for others they are a cultural reference.


One more thing that needs to be mentioned in terms of style is that there are two major types of earrings: pierced and non-pierced / mobile earrings. While many men prefer to wear earring that are going to remain fixed in one place for a longer period of time, those who wish to experiment can opt for mobile earrings, such as magnetic ones, cli-on or stick-on earrings. These earrings allow you to experiment with different styles more easily and to transition from one look to another quite fast, while with pierced earrings, you should always take note of their presence and to work around them, which can be quite hard.


Also, you should always pick a style that compliments your face. Try not to choose a pair that replicates your features. For example, if you have a round face, don’t go for round earrings, try a pair of square ones, and vice-versa: if you have a rather square face, you should opt for earrings that have another shape than square.




As we said, men’s earrings are rarely appropriate in formal occasions. Generally, they work best at parties or as part of your daily look, especially if you are wearing them as a direct cultural reference. Wearing earrings in other environments than these might be distracting and not in a positive way.




Earrings are accessories just like any other piece of accessories and should follow the same set of rules as your other accessories, meaning:

  • Your earrings should be proportionate to your body. Generally, earrings should be kept rather small, regardless of your size. However, note that bigger men can wear bigger earrings, while thinner men should never wear earring that are too big for them. If you wear an earring that is too big will make you look misbalanced and uneven (even if you wear one in each ear)
  • The earring(s) you wear should complement the rest of your outfit. It is always crucial that your accessories should be in tandem with the clothes you are wearing. Their style should follow the theme of the outfit you have put together. For example, funky more colorful earrings can go with sporty clothes, while diamonds should always be worn with something just as imposing
  • Gold and silver are neutrals, so they can be worn together. This is a very important rule, which many people find hard to believe. If you wear golden earrings, it does not mean that you can’t wear a silver bracelet as well


How many earrings?


Colin Farrell wearing loop earrings

Colin Farrell wearing loop earrings


This is question that is quite hard to answer. The reason for this is because the number of earring you wear is given by your intention. One earring is usually enough, especially if it is something bold and shiny. Two are already a demonstration of style (and, for some, power), while more than three is a cultural statement. Wearing more than two earrings is generally associated with punks and other similar subcultures, regardless of if you are wearing a suit or not, so you should always make sure to check your references.


Which ear?

There was a time when people used to think that the ear in which you are wearing your one earring is a sign of some sort. This probably has its roots in some sort of “code” which might have been used at a certain time in a certain place and became more of an urban myth than a clear fact, but today it does not seem to have any relevance whatsoever. Simply wear your earring in whichever ear you prefer, or wear two, one in each ear so that you avoid any such conflict.



Additional information

If you decide to wear an earring, regardless of whether it is a pierced one or a mobile one, you should always buy it from a safe place and, especially with piercings, have it done by a professional in an appropriate environment. Piercings can turn out to be quite bad accessories if you do them at some festival in the parking lot and not having them pierced properly can lead to infections and other inconveniences.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S What do you think? Do you like to wear earrings as a guy or to see men wearing them? Which styles do you prefer? Share your comments below and remember that you can subscribe to our website via e-mail or you can keep up with us by following us on our social media!


41 thoughts on “An Introduction to Men’s Earrings (B)

  1. When I grew up in the 80’s, the left ear meant one thing and the right ear meant another. In June 2014, I have three in my left ear and two in my right. I try to keep them simple with either small diamonds or iridescent pearl studs. Actually, I think they look best with a black suit and a crisp white button down or classy black T. I do have a white color job and sometimes get odd looks, but they are something I really enjoy having. Thanks for the tips, those black circles look like something I may try. TU SM

    • Thanks for the comment! We are glad that you have found your own way of incorporating earrings in your outfits and that you do it in a way that works well!

  2. I have two lobe piercings in each ear, which I guess is uncommon around where I live or something. I considered taking them out and letting the holes grow over since a friend of mine told me that earrings on guys are ‘trashy’ and ‘so 90’s’, but my partner said they look good one me, so I kept them. He’s always telling me not to worry about what people think, and he’s right. I like my earrings, so I’m keeping them. I normally wear small, unadorned silver hoops. I’ve been looking for a pair of diamond studs, but since I’m so small, it’s hard to find ones that aren’t too big.

    • Hy Jade,

      You should definitely wear things that make you feel good, style is all about that! If something makes you feel good, it will give you the right attitude and you will look amazing wearing those earrings!

      We hope you will find a pair of small diamond studs, but until then, you have your silver hoops!

      Best wishes,


  3. Great post! I really think it takes a certain kind of man to actually be able to pull it off. You have to have an aura of confidence and immense control over your style to look comfortable and avoid a Ross Gellar moment in an earring!

    • Thank you!

      Indeed, we usually like to say that your attitude is just as important as the clothes and accessories you put on!

    • Hy Mawer,

      Thank you for the comment! We totally respect your opinion, in the end, it is a very personal choice 🙂 !

    • Dear Andy,

      Thank you for your input! We think that this is a matter of style and it’s great to know your style!


  4. Great article. I currently wear a small black stud in my left ear but would like to pierce my right ear to match. it’s difficult because I live in an area where not a lot of older guys like me have earrings especially in both ears. I really like the look of both ears pierced. it is certainly a bold statement

    • Dear J.T. Brock,

      We are glad to hear you are so fashion-forward and bold! Making a strong style statement in an area where such things can be easily judged is not easy!

      But you definitely have our back!


      • Thanks. I recently took the plunge and got my right ear pierced and am currently wearing small cz studs in both ears. they are small and are square and look very masculine. But I love the look of having both ears pierced.

        • Dear J.T. Brock,

          This sounds great – if you like them and feel great with your earrings, it will show in your attitude as well!

          Well done!

  5. Great article. I married & in my 40’s & wanted to get an earring for years. six months ago I finally did it. Started with a silver stud, but soon switched to silver hoop. Wife didn’t like it at first, now she loves it. Thinking of getting the right ear pierced now. Can’t wait

    • Dear Tom,

      Thank you for sharing your earring experience! It’s definitely a good idea t start small and go bigger afterwards! We;re glad to hear your wife liked it!

      Let us know how the second one will have went!

      Best wishes,

      Fraquoh and Franchomme

  6. I’m a 22 year old male, and I’m thinking of getting my ears pierced, soon. I’m 5’7.5, about 138 lbs, and I have more of a heart shaped face. I definitely want to go with diamond studs, but I have no idea what cut/carat size I should go with. Would you willing to give me some advice on where to start? Possibly a suggestion, or two?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dear J. Bishop,

      Thank you for the question.

      The general rule when it comes to accessories is, that, for best sartorial results, you should keep your accessories proportionate to your body. While we don’t have an exact image of you (at 5,7 / 138 lbs you could have lighter bones and more muscle or heavier bones, not so much muscle and to appear thinner), but we would recommend that you go with a small earring. Also, if you have a heart shaped face, you should opt for something that is quite contrasting to your features. A heart shape face features some curves, so you should go for a earring that is more rectangular. A small, square diamond earring is our tip.

      Also, if you want to go small, remember to keep it proportionate to your body and don’t go too small. Maybe something the size of your smallest hand nail could work. There are so many options on the market today, that we are sure you will find something that will suit you. Take your time while you search for an earring. When you go shopping, always take the earring and place it on your ear to see how it looks, don’t pick it just by looking at from afar.

      Let us know if you have any other questions, we’re always glad to answer them!

      Yours sincerely,


      • Wearing earrings is a personal choice and should not be decided as to what others may or may not think. If you are confident with yourself, others will pick up that. You are a man, at least I hope so. I have a selection of earrings, all that has ever been said was ” those are nice, where did you get them”

  7. Thank you so much for your article…my husband is in his 40s…and has always been a follower but with lots of love and help he has finally realized that he can find out who he is…not what everyone else wants him to be..he has holes in his ears and wants to put earings back in and this article had the perfect advice I can pass on to him…ty

  8. Since a child, I wanted to luv earrings. In a conservative family, and town, it was “forbidden” to do that. I piereced my lobes at 10, but without earrings in its, but a plastic fishing thread to avoid them close, and keep no visible. Now, having passed 60s, I made a “stud” o stainley steel, that only has 1mm diameter that is almost invisible, and nobody told me anithing. My wife deosnt like, but is enough patient. I have bothe lobes pierced, but only one stud.

    • Dear Remo,

      Thank you for sharing your story. We’re glad to hear you finally got your earring.

      Sometimes, the small things that to many might be unnoticeable can have a big impact on the way we feel and see the world!

      It’s great to have read your input!


  9. The earring revolution continues….

    After I got my earring last year, my 14 year old son started campaigning to get one as well.. My wife & I finally agreed, so when I took him to pierce his ear, I got a wild hair & decided to get one in my right ear as well. I wish I had done it years ago,

  10. I’m a 55 year old man, 6 feet tall and muscular, living in London. I had my ears pierced some 16 years ago in 2000.
    In December 2000, I was given a set of gold rings and haemotite studs.
    I’ve had various hair colors and styles througout the years, starting with brown hair / ponytail and presently short light blond.
    I have only ever taken my earnings off on three occasions and they have remained in night and day for the whole time.
    I get stared at frequently, particularly by women, but whether it is because of the earnings, or because I have quite striking facial features, or because I look like someone else, I’m not sure. Non of them have the courage to approach me. That said, on a number of occasions, I have been complimented on the earnings, nearly always by women.
    I have never felt self conscious wearing them and indeed, I pretty much forget that I’ve got them on.
    I will be traveling to Chile this month, so it will be interesting to see the reactions there.

    • Thank you for sharing your earring story, it’s definitely great to learn about how people react to earrings. In a way, it’s remarkable how much clothing and accessories shape out relations and attitudes, don’t you think?

      Have a nice trip to Chile and let us know how it will have been!



  11. I am a straight in my thirties, and I like to wear large silver hoop earrings, a type of jewellery usually reserved for women. My wife and I think they look good on me, and that’s what really matters.

    I do get plenty of looks and questions, but that’s ok.

    • Dear Jon,

      Thanks for sharing your story. As you can see, many men fall in this category: they love their earrings and the best way to overcome social stress is not to care much for it!


  12. The perfect pair of earrings can add finishing touch to any outfit, western or ethnic. There are a variety of fashion earrings that go with different outfits and face shape. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to choose the best earrings that not only matches your outfit but also looks gorgeous on your face.

  13. I am 45 straight, white, married father of two boys. I have had my ears pierced since I was 16. I have two in my left and one in my right. I usually wear hoops and occasionally diamond studs. My favorite sizes are 1/2 to 1 inch hoops. They go well with most clothes. I’ve never had any odd looks or comments about them. I’ve worn earrings since I was a child so I actually feel naked and think I look odd without them. Over the years I have seen more and more men wearing earrings. Nowadays I rarely go out without see several other men wearing them. I think it’s great that it’s becoming the norm!

  14. I’m a 57 yr old straight man & i have had my ears pierced for probably 30+ yrs,…. 2 in my left & 1in my right , i wore them on & off for yrs my wife always loved them (she pierced them) for whatever reason i stopped wearing them for a long period of time. About a yr ago my wife brought up the subject of my pierced ears & with that got some studs and pushed them right through the existing holes with really no diffuculty & she asked me to leave them in, I wear them everyday & havent gotten a negitive comment yet, all postive from ladies, I say wear them with whatever you like & be proud of them cause they look great

  15. How about colored stones instead of the traditional CZ/diamond? I’ve always wanted to wear a cornflower blue sapphire or tanzanite but was concerned it might be seen as too feminine.

  16. I’m 44, straight, black, 6’2″ tall and a slender 200 pounds. I got my ears pierced in my teens; two in my right and one in my left. I stopped wearing them in my mid twenties. I just returned to wearing one in my left ear recently. I wasn’t sure about my decision but this article and the comments helped a lot.

  17. ‘Men’s earrings’? Earrings are earrings. Men have worn them since humans fell out of the trees and started to adorn themselves. Articles like this just piss me off. I can’t remember the last time I saw an article about how women should wear pants. Here’s a wake up call to all the men out there: stop looking for the validation of others (including your partners). Wear whatever the f*ck you want. I wear a wide range of earrings. I prefer dangling earrings unless I might snag then on something. Someday I’d like a pair of natural pearls. Nothing says ‘don’t f*ck with me’ like pearl studs and a long full beard.

  18. The only issue I had when deciding to get my ears done was the possible signs. I wanted to get it done when I was in my early 20s, but I’m an introvert and was very shy back then, so I put it off. Now I’m in my early 30’s I just did it, and got the lobe done on both ears. Now I have 4 sets of earrings to pick from on a daily basis, and they’ve just finished healing over in the past few weeks. My best friend got me some silver wolf studs (shaped like howling wolves), and my S.O. got me some titanium huggie loops, and I love them. I’m widely built, so the wide huggie loops work well, and aren’t overstated. The sterling silver wolves add a bit of class, and my standard titanium studs are great for sleeping in, and don’t get in the way. I’m glad I got it done, and I actually feel more confident to keep my head high, so it’s a win-win.

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