How to Wear a Floral Shirt (B)

A Scotch & Soda short sleeve tropical print shirt

Floral shirts make for great summer pieces. They are upbeat, visually attractive and a great reflection of the warm season. This type of shirt comes in various styles, from concrete to abstract, from big flowers to small flowers and from the very obvious to the very subtle.

Wearing a floral shirt can give your style a great boost – many brands and designers offer amazing floral shirts this season, which you can actually purchase at affordable prices.

In this guide, we are taking a look at some ideas on wearing a floral shirt this summer:


With a solid color

A Carhartt WIP Roy Tropic Popover paired with a pair of neutral white summer pants

A floral print can be very easily worn with a solid color piece.

The easiest and safest way to go is to wear it with a neutral color. In fashion, neutral colors are a series of colors that can be matched to any other color and to each other. These colors are gray, black, white, beige, khaki, tan, brown, ivory, dark blue, etc. If you wear a floral shirt, you can always wear it with a pair of pants in any of these color and you are all set.

Another way to rock a floral shirt with a solid color is to wear your shirt with a non-neutral color. In case you want to do this, you should learn a few things about color coordination. This way, you will be able to create creative color schemes that will take you places. A very easy way to wear a floral shirt with a non-neutral color is to wear the shirt with a piece in one of the colors of your floral print. For example, if your floral print features green, yellow, blue and brown, you can wear it with a pair of blue (or any other of these colors) pair of pants. Alternatively, you can wear it with a contrast color or an analog color.

When speaking of mixing floral prints with solid colors, always remember that if you want to tone down a floral shirt, you can always wear it with a solid color jacket – this way, by covering large portions of it, you will be just hinting to the floral print, rather than make it the main part of your outfit.



With another print


A Deus Ex Machina floral print shirt paired with a pair of Gitman Vintage I Love NY blue shorts


If you want to take your style above and beyond, you can match your floral print shirt with another piece that features a print (not necessarily a floral one). Mixing prints can be hard, but if you learn a few rules, you can get it done. The easiest way to mix prints is to wear two prints or patterns that are of different sizes or that are composed of elements of different sizes (lines, dots, color areas, etc.). For example, a floral shirt that features very small flowers can be worn with, say, a pair of shorts that feature very thick stripes, big dots or any other large print or pattern. The reason why your prints should differ is because otherwise, you risk looking like an optical illusion.


With another floral print


This Brooklyn Tailors batik floral print shirt can be paired with a great pair of Penfield Grafton shorts (above) or with a pair of MSGM Flower Shorts.


Of course, a great floral print can be worn with another floral print as well. You can wear an exact match, which can result in a very interesting look, or you can wear your floral shirt with another type of floral garment. In this case, the same rule we described above applies too: for best effects, it is recommended to wear two different floral prints.



Further information

When we are talking about floral shirts, it is always important to remember that floral shirts are usually more appropriate for casual settings than for the boardroom or other dressy occasions. Depending on the cut and print of the shirt, a floral shirt can be more or less casual: for example, large, Hawaiian shirts are probably the most casual of the bunch, while a well-fitting, no-pockets shirt can be also worn at work, depending on your work environment.


As you can see, it is more easy than one might think to incorporate floral print shirts in your wardrobe. And, with such a large variety of floral shits out there, we are sure you will find something that will suit your personality, your budget and your taste.



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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