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4 Colors to Wear that Always Make an Impact

Wearing color is something that many men are quite reticent to. However, once you get the basics of putting together a color scheme, you will discover the power colors and the way you mix them have on yourself and your interactions with the world. Soon enough, you will want to experiment with bold colors, but [...]

By | April 13th, 2017|Basic Style Guides, Style, Style Guides|0 Comments

28 One-Line Men’s Fashion and Style Tips

On Attire Club, we are covering men’s fashion and style in every aspect and in from many angles. Our style tips can be applied by men of any age, size and apply to every kind of body type and budget. While we usually offer in-depth fashion advice, explaining the inner workings of men’s style, in [...]

By | April 7th, 2017|Fashion Advice|1 Comment

6 Effective Tips for Men who Want to Look Younger

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons has revealed interesting statistics: the number of men subjected themselves to plastic surgery has increased by 258% for the past 10 years. However, most men don’t feel ready to take the plunge and dive into the world of plastic surgery. That’s why we suggest you follow these tips in [...]

By | March 9th, 2017|Style|0 Comments

The Guide to Adding Shine to Your Outfits (B)

We often talk in fashion about making a look stand out through color, texture or prints, but one element that is often mentioned but not touched on very much is shine. Shine is a great style element that is more frequent than you’d think and that can take your style to the next level. Let’s [...]

By | January 13th, 2017|Basic Style Guides, Style, Style Guides|0 Comments

The 4 Types of Outfits You Should Try

Fashion should be all about having fun and self-expression. It is a medium everyone makes use of, so why shouldn’t you make the best of it? Sometimes, dressing up can become routine, monotone and downright boring. This is why it is important to mix things up once in a while. To help you do just [...]

By | November 30th, 2016|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Style, Style Guides|0 Comments

6 Winter Fashion and Style Tips (B)

Wintertime can be for many people a time when dressing up can be a bit difficult. The low temperatures, the moisture and the wind can make it hard to choose your clothes and accessories that will give you a great experience, from both a visual and a practical point of view. To help you out, [...]

By | November 28th, 2016|Basic Style Guides, Style Guides|0 Comments

Would You Wear Women’s Jeans?

Admittedly, most men would probably not wear women’s jeans, yet as we all know, style is ever-changing and what seems unusual one day is completely normal the next. We see it on the runway; we see it in ads and everywhere else: the lines between gender-normative fashions are getting more and more blurred lately.   [...]

By | June 28th, 2016|Fashion Advice|3 Comments

Style Tips for Short Men (B)

Many men are searching for ways to take their style to another level and look great. While it is important to know how to dress your body type, it is important to have a good approach to it. Often, you will see in men’s publication’s articles that address dressing for short men that try to [...]

By | May 31st, 2016|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Style, Style Guides|0 Comments

Your Fashion Guide to Meeting the Parents

One important step in many relationships is meeting the parents of your significant other. Many men tend to get scared about meeting the parents of their loved one, as they wish to make a good impression in order to maintain a good relationship and not cause a rift in their significant other’s family. However, making [...]

By | January 29th, 2016|Fashion Advice|4 Comments

The 2015/2016 Men’s New Year Style Guide

With New Year’s Eve approaching, people around the world are not only planning the hows and wheres of ringing in the New Year, but also the clothes they will be wearing. The New Year is all about fresh starts and renewal and this is why your outfits should be a celebration of that and, of [...]

By | December 26th, 2015|Fashion Advice|2 Comments

The 2015 Men’s Halloween Style Guide (B)

Halloween is a holiday that is no longer an Irish-American-Canadian festival, but an increasingly International holiday. Around the world, more and more people celebrate Halloween with parties and get-togethers to celebrate… well, what they celebrate is a whole different story (the history behind Halloween is so complex and complicated that it would take too much [...]

By | October 9th, 2015|Fashion Advice|2 Comments

5 Ways to Wear an African Print (B)

As the world is becoming more and more of a bigger and at the same time smaller place, African prints are becoming increasingly popular. And that’s very exciting to see. Of course, Africa is a pretty big place and prints and their significances vary from place to place and from culture to culture, but it [...]

By | August 18th, 2015|Fashion Advice|5 Comments

Shorts and Colors: The Three Types You Should Have in Your Closet (B)

A great pair of printed shorts from Obey Summertime is the season of the shorts. A great pair of shorts is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Shorts are comfortable, they allow your legs to breathe, they can be worn with a very wide range of clothes and in numerous settings and they [...]

By | July 15th, 2015|Fashion Advice, Shorts|0 Comments

How to Dress Up Casual Pants (B)

Some clothing items are so obvious that we sometimes take them for granted and forget their importance and that they are such a big part of our everyday outfits. It’s kind of a “missing the forest for the trees situation”. Casual pants are one of those items. We wear them day in and day out [...]

By | July 9th, 2015|Fashion Advice, Pants|0 Comments

How to Wear a Floral Shirt (B)

A Scotch & Soda short sleeve tropical print shirt Floral shirts make for great summer pieces. They are upbeat, visually attractive and a great reflection of the warm season. This type of shirt comes in various styles, from concrete to abstract, from big flowers to small flowers and from the very obvious [...]

By | June 12th, 2015|Basic Style Guides, Shirts, Style|6 Comments

Basic Style Tips for Teen Guys (B)

One of the most important things for teenage boys is to feel at ease with themselves. As a teen, you want to be yourself and fit in with everyone else. Self-expression and acceptance are crucial things for teen guys and style has a lot to do with it. Your appearance is a big part of who [...]

By | March 22nd, 2015|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice|13 Comments

5 Fashion Risks Men Should Take (B)

The great Diana Vreeland, who was the fashion editor who, through her work at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar redefined the notions of style and fashion, started out her career by writing a column that was called “Why Don’t You…” which featured fashion and lifestyle ideas for the readers of Harper's Bazaar from the beginning of the [...]

By | December 31st, 2014|Fashion Advice|10 Comments

Men’s Body Types: Traits and Fashion Tips (B)

Knowing your body shape is a very important aspect of fashion, as it helps you make better and more informed decisions regarding the clothes you wear, the way you accessorize and the way you choose to style yourself. Even though many men want to dress sharp, they can’t get it right because they are not [...]

By | November 29th, 2014|Basic Style Guides, Style|10 Comments

5 Rules Men Should Consider When Wearing Accessories (B)

One of the biggest concerns men have regarding fashion and their personal style is related to accessories. Most men like to wear accessories, but they tend to hold back because they don’t know how to do it. It is true that it can be hard to wear one or more accessories if you don’t know [...]

Men’s Thanksgiving Style Guide (B)

Thanksgiving Day is for most Americans the start of the winter holidays season. Just as the Dutch start their holidays on December 6th with St. Nicholas’ day, US citizens celebrate gratefulness on the last Thursday of November each year. Thanksgiving is all about the giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and being with [...]

By | November 23rd, 2014|Fashion Advice|5 Comments

3 Men’s Style Details to Watch (B)

The modern man has his disposal an impressive array of accessories and sartorial details, which, if he pays attention to, will enhance his appearance and make him look more polished. The details of your outfits are very important, as they are a great way to express your personality. Many men, however, are not sure what [...]

By | November 3rd, 2014|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Socks, Ties|16 Comments

Respect the Season: A Look at Fall-Winter Accessories

The fall-winter season is a great season for accessories. Here’s why: This time of the year, we take out a series of fall-winter accessories designed and created especially for this period. Gloves, scarves and winter hats come out and take the spotlight. Generally, scarves, gloves and other accessories created especially for the wintertime feature an [...]

By | November 1st, 2014|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice|14 Comments

How to Wear Different Types of Scarves (B)

Scarves have been around since ancient times and you would probably be surprised to find out that they were initially worn during the summer: men used to wear so-called “sudariums”, which served to absorb their sweat during a hot day. Their style potential was exploited by women, who realized that scarves could be made from [...]

By | October 26th, 2014|Fashion Advice, Scarves|8 Comments