How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview: A Quick Guide (B)

Going to a job interview can be hard and for some it can be quite intimidating. Feeling uneasy or uncomfortable can lead to a bad interview. However, dressing up the right way and paying attention to a few non-verbal elements is something that is sure to help you out. Looking good will make you more confident and more open, therefore the chances of the interview having a positive outcome will be bigger.

Most of us have had at least one job interview in our lives. Those of us who have not had one, are most likely to have one How to prepare yourself for a job interview a quick guidein the future! There are many things you need to know about a job interview, like for example not to lie in your resume, as it is highly possible for your future employer to discover your lies and it can go all wrong for you professionally. So, assuming that your resume is in order and properly done, here are some style tips you can use the next time you find yourself interviewed for a job:

  • It is highly important to dress well: candidates who dress well make a better impression than those who wear scruffy clothes!
  • Think about the fact that the employer usually interviews a lot of people, so you need to use your non-verbal skills to make an impression. Not only the clothes, but also your gestures and posture. Because you don’t spend much time speaking about yourself, you can become memorable through the way you look. Add a piece that is sure to impress, but don’t go for a flashy look. Bring a twist to your outfit, for example a more special collar, but don’t go for an eccentric look, as most interviewers are looking for people who look appropriate to represent their company.
  • Speaking of gesture and posture, it’s very important the way you shake hands (we wrote an article about it), the way you use your hands when you talk (do not move your hands too much, it might be distracting), and other things like looking your interviewer in the eye and standing straight in your chair are also important.
  • Do not overdress, as you might make a bad impression. The rule is, you need to match your interviewer! Also, imagine what an employee of the place you want to work for looks like and try to look similar. This is small trick you can use to get in your interviewer’s subconscious: looking ready for the job might make him feel that you are. 
  • We recommended to dress up in a solid, dark-colored suit: black or navy is the way to go. We also think gray might be a good option sometimes.
  • Wear a well-pressed shirt and a nice tie. Do’t forget to wear the proper shoes, belt and socks! Lower, you will see links to our articles that discuss how the proper way to choose a suit and shoes.
  • If you want to wear jewelery, you can have a few pieces on, but not too many! We think a watch is enough most of the times.
  • Do not use too much aftershave or perfume!
  • It’s essential that your nails are trimmed down and look impeccable.
  • It is imperative to have a proper haircut. Even a buzz cut is better than dirty and crazy hair.
  • It usually depends on the type of job the kind of clothes you can wear: if you want to work in business, you should wear a black suit, black or red tie and a white shirt! If you work in the creative industry, you can wear a colorful tie, or a tie with patterns!
  • Remember, clothes need to be the proper length, size and shape! Also, no matter how it is outside, don’t wear shorts under any circumstance!


We wish you the best of luck when you are having your next job interview! Relax and be yourself, as this is what an interviewer is looking for!


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P.S. Tell us how your job interviews went so far! Did you make any mistakes? How did things change after you corrected them? Do you think it’s important to wear proper clothes at a job interview?

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