The Complete Guide to Choosing a Tie (P)

If there is one thing that is globally associated with men and style, that is the tie. The tie is the thing that confers a man elegance. In the article below, you will be able to read all things related to ties, broken down in sections.



Ties and fabrics

Don`t forget to always make your outfit flow in terms of color combinations, fabrics and pieces.

Don`t forget to always make your outfit flow in terms of color combinations, fabrics and pieces.

First, we need to talk about understanding the differences between the textures of ties. Most ties are made of a printed or woven silk. A woven silk, as it has more texture, will usually be less formal, though satin is the most formal silk – as it is the shiniest! Woven silk comes in lots of different variations, but the only alternative you really need to be aware of is grenadine, which is a thicker weave – and comes in large and small knots. Then also knitted silk, which is a yet chunkier texture. You will find it most in thin, squared-end ties.

Then, besides silk, there is wool, linen and mixes of the two with silk. Although the weave may be somewhat finer than a knitted silk, for example, any wool or linen tie is more casual than any silk one, because of its matte texture. The same goes for madder.

What you should keep in mind is that a silk mix is the best choice (the heavier and tighter the silk fabric is, the better) , followed by cashmere and chunky wool.



Ties and collars

We talked a while ago about different collars. Well, it`s a fact that different collars are also appropriate for different tie knot types. So, for example if you wear a shirt that has a spread collar, you should match it with a wider tie and a bigger knot. Button down collars and point-collars usually go with any other tie knot type, although button-down collars look better with thinner ties and smaller knots.



Ties and size

One thing that is really important when it comes to ties is the length of the tie: a tie should always hit right the line of your belt, not lower, not higher. Most ties are 57 inches long, that is about 145 cm. Going shorter or longer, you might have problems when tying the tie.

Speaking of the width, we can say that the most modern ties today measures 2.5 inches, that is 6.3 cm. Ties that are wider than that are seen as wide and ties that are narrower as seen as skinny.

But, ties also need to match the size of your body: men with a larger body frame might want to wear wider ties, while men with thinner body frame might prefer to go with a skinny tie or a thinner one.



Ties and colors

Choosing the color of your tie and making it match your suit and shirt might be tricky, but there are a few simple combinations you can keep in mind. We wrote about them in an article called “How to professionally choose the colors of your clothes“. There you can read what colors go together, and why.

It`s very important to know that you can wear a tie that has a pattern, like stripes with a shirt that has patterns. You can read about how to do that here.



Ties and tie bars

Bar ties (also called tie clips) do not only fasten your tie, they also fasten your tie to the placket of your shirt! Also, what you need to know is that a bar tie must not be wider than your tie, that`s a big no-no!

Note that the tie clip is traditionally placed between the fourth and fifth button of the shirt placket, midway between the pectoral and ab muscles.

In the end, we can say that there are more ways to wear a tie. You can tuck it, for example, between your third and fourth buttons (something like Frank Sinatra in “From Here to Eternity”).


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