A Guide to Buying Men’s Underwear (B)

Briefs, boxers, fabrics and even going commando are some of the issues men have when it comes to underwear! We discuss them all in this article, which we hope will help and answer any questions you might have.A guide to buying men’s underwear

As you know if you read some of our articles, fashion and mostly style are not just about looking good, but also about feeling good! A man who does not feel good in his clothes does not look his best as others can “read” him as not having the right attitude!

We know that some people buy underwear for show and others for their own comfort, but whatever the reason, underwear must be suitable for you!

First of all, just like any other clothing item, underwear must match the body! Don’t wear underwear that is too loose as you will feel uncomfortable or underwear that is too tight. Wearing too tight underwear can block your blood circulation around your waist and keeping your privates in a space that is too tight is not good either.



The right underwear

Here are some tips to consider when buying underwear:

  • Think of what type you want to buy: boxers, briefs etc. Men who have an active lifestyle should go for briefs, as support won’t be an issue. If you have more of a relaxed lifestyle, you can go for boxers, even though boxers tend to ride up during the day.  According to a recent study, 57% of men prefer briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% prefer roomy boxers.
  • Consider the pair of underwear you wear in connection to the pants you wear: if you wear tight pants, you should probably go for briefs, but if you wear looser pants, boxers will do the job.
  • Your underwear size is just like in the case of pants, your waist size.
  • Another thing you need to focus on is the fabric of your underwear. According to a survey, most men prefer cotton. Silk, satin and spandex are other good fabrics. Try to avoid fabrics that will not allow your skin to breather, such as polyester.



Additional information:

When you decide your budget, think about the cost per wear. The cost/wear ratio is a simple calculus you can do. If you buy an expensive pair of underwear, which feels and looks good and you wear it a lot, then the cost/wear ratio drops. For example, if you buy a $45 pair, which you will wear 100 times in a year, the cost/wear is $0.45 and we think the comfort is worth the money.


Going commando is also an option, but that is your option! But be careful with the zipper!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






P.S. What type of underwear do you prefer? Do you ever go commando? Share your ideas in the comments!



10 thoughts on “A Guide to Buying Men’s Underwear (B)

  1. Nice post! You articulated my thoughts on underwear shopping perfectly…thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you for your appreciation and comment.

      To answer your question about the cost/wear ratio:
      You need to divide the cost of the outfit to the times you wear it, so if something costs $100 and you wear it 100 times, the cost/wear ratio is 1. This means that it will cost you $1 to wear this outfit once.

      The worth of the ratio is established by the item you make this calculus for. So, for example if you want to buy a really expensive suit, say $500 but you will only wear it twice a year, then the cost/wear is $250 and that’s a lot. But if you wear it often, then the cost/wear is smaller.

      The cost/wear ratio is to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about how often you buy clothes. So, a shirt that will cost $120 and which you can wear a lot is better than a $12 that you will wear three times, it will go bad and you will throw it away. In this case, the cost/wear is $3 and that’s a lot more than if it was for you to buy a more expensive shirt and wear it 100 times.

      We generally think that the cost/wear for casual clothes should not be more than $1 or $2, but it can go higher for luxury goods. It is also very connected to your budget and currency. We know that in some countries $1 is more and in others it’s less than their current currency.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to write to us.

      We hope our answer helped and cleared things more for you. We will be back on the topic on our blog, so make sure to come back and check for new articles.

      Fraquoh and Franchomme

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