10 Quick Things To Look For In A Suit (B)

10 Things To Look For In A SuitThe suit is the most defining piece of clothing when it comes to men’s style. It’s what defines men. Today, with all this great palette of options, numbers, fabrics, brands and so much more, men don’t know what to look for when it comes to choosing a suit. There’s plenty of guys who just go for the designer suits, being sure they will be OK, which is true, but you can also get a suit at a more affordable price if you know what to look for.


Here’s a list of things you can look at when you get a suit. Before you read the list, we need to remind you that these are just suggestions and ideas you can work with. You are entitled to having your style and making your own options. But in case you don’t have any or a clear  idea, you can use these tips. Also, keep in mind that different suits go for different occasions. Usually colorful suits are more casual and go best in the warm seasons, while darker suits are more formal. So, here are the tips you can use:


1. The fabric: In general, suits are made out of wool. Of course, there are exceptions and sometimes they are of wool mixed with cashmere. Sometimes suits are made just out of cashmere. But we would recommend going with the wool.

2. Strength and fabric quality: To test a suit’s strength, you need to take a piece of cloth and squeeze it. If it bounces back quickly and with little wrinkles, then it means it’s a good quality. If it has structure, then it’s also a good sign. Tailors call this having “guts”. Suits also have a super number. The super number is an indicator of the suit’s fineness. If the number is high, the fabric is thinner and better. Rule: the bigger the number, the smoother and silkier the cloth. Some suits have for example 150. If you find a suit that has 180, it’s very good (but it will also be expensive).

3. Vents If you are a thinner guy, you should have one pleat on the middle of the back of the jacket, if you are somewhat overweight, you should definitely have to vents on the sides of the back.

A jacket with one vent and a jacket with two vents

A jacket with one vent and a jacket with two vents

4. Fit: Shoulders: Your shoulder pads need to cover your shoulders and not more. To read more on types of shoulders, you should read our guide on it.

5. Fit: Sleeves: The jacket sleeves  sleeves should fall to the place where the tip of your thumb meets your wrist. The shirt cuff should be visible between a quarter and a half inch.

6. Pants: Make sure your pants cover half of your shoes.

7. The shirt: The shirt, no matter of your size, needs to come as close as possible to you body, but not glued to it. If you are in doubt, wear a classic shirt in a neutral color. To learn more about mixing colors, read our article on “The Professional Way To Choose The Colors Of Your Clothes“.

8. Tightness: You must be able to slip your open palm into your suit under the lapels when the top (or middle) button is fastened. In case you put a fist in, the suit must pull at the button.
9. Shoes: If you are in doubt, wear a classic shirt in a neutral color. When it comes to shoes, the more basic the design, the more versatile the shoe. For more on types of shoes, read “The Different Types Of Men’s Shoes

10. Accessories: If you wan your suit to stand out, you can embellish it with accessories: go for a nice watch, a pocket square, a crazy tie, a simple tie with a tie clip, a pocket watch and so much more.


Also, as a bonus tip, don’t forget that when you are wearing a suit, the lower button should always be untied.


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