17 Fashion Tips From Designers

We love to offer fashion advice and style guides to our readers and we know you enjoy them (we always read your comments and are grateful for them). Today though, we want to bring to your attention a collection of fashion tips by designers and other styling and fashion professionals from around the world. We have put this collection together and think it’s really cool!17 Fashion Tips From Designers


Here you have tips on clothes, styling, maintaining and so much more! Read the quotes and then give us your advice on getting a wonderful style!

We have gathered quotes of styling wisdom from people like Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kars and many more, and here they are (we saved our favorite for the end):


1. “To remove watermarks from leather boots, add a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cool water and scrub the stains with a soft bristle brush until stains are no longer visible. Let dry overnight.” — Daryl Carr, Marketing Coordinator at Stetson


2. “Keep your jacket buttoned. Always. It’s just really flattering—it will take pounds off you.” Tom Ford


3. “Never dry a wet shoe with heat. Let it dry naturally in open air. Heat will dry out leather and the lifespan of the shoe will be cut in half.” —Jordan Adoni, Designer at Modern Vice


4. “I don’t believe in playing around much with suit cuts. I like a fairly classic shape that gives a man strong shoulders, a fitted waist, and long legs. Classic simplicity always works.” Tom Ford


5. “The best way to store fashion jewelry, including Sterling Silver, is in Ziploc bags. This helps pieces retain luster and reduces tarnishing and scratches.”—Jordann Weingartner, Founder of I Love Jewelry Auctions


6. “Never put a garment on immediately after ironing, as this can actually cause new wrinkles to form. Instead, let it sit for five minutes to set the press.” — Althea Harper, Designer and Rowenta Brand Ambassador


7. “Never put your swimwear in the washing machine, and always hand dry. The machine will damage the suit and it will lose its elasticity. The only exception: At the end of the summer or vacation, wash your swimwear in lingerie washing bags on the gentle cycle with a bit if Drift or Woolite. But only after many wears.” —Shoshanna Gruss, Designer


8. Remove white deodorant marks from a garment by gently rubbing the protective foam used on hangers against the fabric.” — Jonathan Simkhai, designer


9. “Always organize your clothes going light to dark from left to right in your closet. Your eye will follow the color and thus help you stay organized.” — Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, Founder, Clos-ette and Clos-ette Too


10. “If you don’t have time to try on jeans in the store, try the Neck Method: You can determine your size by placing the waistline of the jeans around the diameter of your neck. If the waistline of the pant comfortably meets at back of your neck, then the jeans will fit.”— Sarah Ahmed, Creative Director, DL1961 Premium Denim


11. “Have a light touch when it comes to color. Maybe start with just a tie or a shirt. You don’t want a colorful shirt, jacket, and pants. You always have to have a balance color, like black, navy, khaki, or white, to temper the brighter tones.” — Tommy Hilfiger
12. “On a young guy, two days of not shaving looks very cool. But as you get older, it looks like you’re trying too hard, especially when you’re going gray. A proper beard is fine.” Paul Smith


13. “People shouldn’t notice what you’re wearing before they notice you. You want people to register you first. ‘Oh, what a nice jacket’ should be an afterthought if you’re doing it right.” Michael Kors


14. “When it comes to shoes, you don’t really need more than a few pairs of wing tips or oxfords. They’re classics. And I wear only black shoes in the city. Brown ones are for the country.” Thom Browne
15. “The worst sartorial faux pas you can make is looking like you’re trying too hard. To develop your own individual style, really consider what suits you.”   Giorgio Armani
16. “Listen to what other people are saying about the way you dress, because in the end, fashion is a way of communicating. When you get your message wrong, it’s good that the people around you let you know.” — Dries Van Noten

17. “The best style advice came from my parents: Be honest. Just be yourself.”—Stefano Gabbana



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25 thoughts on “17 Fashion Tips From Designers

  1. Just be yourself and no 5 about fashion accessories are my best simply because I could relate to them instantly at this point in my life but there are others I love too. You bet I will be sharing this post on my blog really soon. Thank you

  2. It was really nice reading this post. I was actually surprised to read so much practictal tips ! That’s fine to have such advices given to us by pros, thank you to share them with us !

  3. Lovely quotes! My favorite one was definatly the Michael Kors one, really is important not to let clothing over power your personality – One tips that I have, is not to try too hard, it has been said before and I will say it now. You can’t buy style! It’s just there


  4. Good idea to collate advice like this! For me, Tom Ford is life, not just his genius work but the man himself. Sometimes, I just sit down and watch his interviews on YouTube he is so inspiring and more importantly, HOT!! Haha! Ps I like the way you keep switching it up with yr blog design layout, I need to do this…

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