Choose The Right Tie For Your Body And Face Type (B)

We often discuss ties the blog because they are the most used accessory by men. Ties are the worn by many men, so knowing the right things about ties is very important. Whether you wear a tie at work, on a formal occasion or in any other place, there are a few things you need to know. It’s up to you what type of tie you choose, the fabric, the pattern etc, you can read our other guides on that in the “further reading” section, but now we want to discuss how to choose a tie according to your body.

Of course, these are not unbreakable “style rules”, they are guidelines that will give you a step forward to an optimal look.


What we are discussing today are your body type and your facial features. If you determine these two, you can choose the right knot, the right color and the right length and width of your ties.


Choose The Right Tie For Your Body And Face



Ties and body types

It’s very easy to determine what type of tie fits you best according to your body type. Men with average bodies are fitted best by average-size ties, both in terms of length and width. If you are a wider guy though, you should wear a wider tie, in order to keep a balance, while thinner men should wear thinner ties or even skinny ties. You will look your best if you keep the size of your tie proportional to your body.

The creative Severed Ties

The creative Severed Ties

For example, Severed Ties is a great new brand, that offers creative ties in three sizes. When you get a tie from them, you can choose if you want it to be 3 inches wide, 2.5 inches or just 2 inches wide. This is a great concept because when you usually buy ties, you don’t get to pick a size, especially when the ties are, like in the case of Severed Ties, original, hand-made and highly creative. That’s what we encourage you to look for in a tie! Speaking of tie qualities, a quality tie should not be bulky, it should be light and soft and never bother you.

When it comes to the length of your tie, you should know that ties come in different lengths too. Generally, average ties will do it, only very tall or very short men should go an extra mile finding a tie in another size. We don’t want to give you numbers, because the best way to see if a tie is the proper length, you need to try it on. Even if in theory some ties go better than others, the way it looks on your body is the best indicator.

Don’t forget the rule we keep stressing: when wearing a tie, the tie’s tip should touch your waistline.



Ties And Facial Features

Ties are not only to be picked according to your body type, they can be chosen according to your face too. We will first speak about colors and then about face types and tie knots.

What you need to know is that in order not to look washed out, you should wear colors that contrast with the color of your skin, the color of your hair and eyes. So, for example, if you have dark hair and a darker complexion, a bright tie will make your features pop, while a man with a light color hair (such as blond) and a light complexion, should opt for a darker tie to have his features placed in a great light. Some men are a combination: their hair and skin color contrasts. In this case, the tie should be in contrast with your skin tone.

The knot you tie can be chosen according to your face type. There are many face types, but they all fit in one of the big categories. 


Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don`t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.

Here are the 4 face types: which one are you? If you have long hair, don`t forget to pull your hair back when studying your shape.


If your face’s length is bigger than it’s width, and the line of your cheekbones is wider than rest of your face, it means that you have an oval face. 

If the width of your cheekbones is almost equal to the length of your face, and your forehead and chin are tapered, you might have a round face.

In case your forehead is almost the same width as, or a little narrower than your cheekbones, and your chin is tapered, you probably have a heart-shape face.

If the width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are approximately equal, then your face is square.


Oval, square, and heart-shaped faces are best flattered by larger knots, such as the Windsor knot. If you have a longer face shape, you should choose a wider knot, such as the Half-Windsor, the Cavendish, or the Saint Andrew.  This goes if you have a longer neck too.

If you have a round face, you should try to avoid very small knots, as they will tend to disappear while contrasting with your face. You can choose narrower, longer knots, like the Four-in-Hand. These tips go for men with wider necks too.

Now you posses a lot of tips that will sure make a difference the next time you get dressed! You can find out more from other AC articles. If you liked them, don’t forget to subscribe to our site!


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P.S. What type of tie do you prefer? Do you like going more creative or more conservative? Share your thoughts below!



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  1. I’m a real tie nerd, love them since I was a little Girl. I have ties from my grandpa, from the 60s also, they’re just the perfect type for me, not that large. I always wear them with a perfect Windsor, it’s the only way for me!!! Thanks!!

    Jana H.

  2. ok i have a hear shaped face but i have a longer neck than most what knot would work the best for me. im honestly confused on this

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