When they appeared, suspenders were considered underwear, so it was not customary for them to be visible. Times have changed, and suspenders became a very common (and great-looking) fashion accessory.

They are highly versatile and go with pretty much any type of outfit. What you will learn is that it’s not the suspenders that set the tone of the outfit, but it’s the outfit that sets the tone of the suspenders.

Suspenders were most fashionable in the midcentury, but as most classic men’s fashion items they are making a come-back. And, let’s face it, suspenders didn’t actually go out of style (they probably never will), they just let the belt take the spotlight.



Suspenders and occasion: From casual to business

The great thing about suspenders is that they go with almost every type of outfit. They are perfect for a casual everyday outfit, but also for a business one. They look just as great on a bartender as they look on a Wall Street guy. Formal suits well with suspenders and look really fun and elegant at the same time.


Casual wear and suspenders

To obtain a certain look, it’s not the suspenders in themselves that make the outfit, they are just an accessory, it’s the overall vibe that sets the tone.

A casual look with suspenders


So, if you wear them with chino pants and an informal shirt with its sleeves rolled up, you will definitely get an amazing casual look.


A casual look where the suspenders are not visible all the time


Wearing a business-oriented outfit, with a tie and dress pants will grant you the Wall Street with suspenders look.


This is what we call “Wall Street Suspenders”


Extremely casual wear and suspenders

Speaking of casual looks, you can get even more casual. If you’re the kind of guy that wears a tank top on a daily basis or a rugged t-shirt, suspenders can also give you an extra edge, and in this case the tone will be rather punk than just casual.


Very casual outfits with suspenders


Formal wear and suspenders

If you wear a formal shirt, a tie and dress pants, the suspenders will become the accessory that will add a lot of personality to your outfit.


Formal suspenders. Actually, it’s the outfit that’s formal while the suspenders only support it


Suspenders are also an important part of black tie outfits. You should know that there is no such thing as a formal belt. Usually, suspenders worn with black tie outfits should black or white, and are not supposed to be seen beneath your jacket. Quality formal suspenders usually end in braided silk ends rather than leather tabs. Tabs are, perfectly acceptable as well, but clips are not.


And, even though it’s not the suspenders that set the vibe, we highly recommend to keep the tone of the suspenders within the tone that you wish to convey. A formal, business-oriented outfit will not look its best with suspenders with a pineapple print.



How To Wear Suspenders


If you are wearing suspenders that have leather parts or are entirely out of leather, they should match your shoes


Many men will normally fasten their suspenders in the back, then put their trousers on, and then fasten the suspenders in the front. Some suspenders designs use a metal clasp that pinches the fabric of the trousers, while some have small buttons at each end of the suspender. The second type are, in our opinion, better because they do not compress and in the end damage the trouser fabric, but the thing is that you can only wear them with trousers that feature button-flaps for suspenders (these are usually situated on the inside of the waistband to either side of the central button and fly).

Trousers that are not made with button-flaps for suspenders can only work with clamp-style suspenders. They will usually be made with belt-loops.



The golden rule

Whatever you, don’t wear suspenders with a belt. Are you so afraid that your pants will fall off? The purpose of suspenders is from a practical point of view, the same as that of a belt, which is to hold your pants up. Wearing both will be like wearing two blazers one over the other.


Suspenders are really an amazing piece, but sometimes belts are better. Try them both and see which works best for you. Including suspenders in your wardrobe will only give you more tools to use when you are dressing up everyday.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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