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The Guide to Creating High-and-Low Outfits (B)

Throughout the history of modern fashion, there was always this concept that things need to be exact matches for them to look good. If you think about it, only a few decades ago, the norm was to wear clothes and accessories that matched to perfection. With the latest developments in style, fashion has become more [...]

By | January 17th, 2017|Basic Style Guides, Style Guides|0 Comments

How to Choose Your Accessories (B)

Cufflinks by Joel Wade The way you look influences not only how others perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself. Having your own style is important because it will make you more adept to grasp and display who you are. Having your own style will therefore make you feel energetic and dynamic [...]

By | September 1st, 2016|Accessories, Basic Style Guides|2 Comments

Would You Wear Women’s Jeans?

Admittedly, most men would probably not wear women’s jeans, yet as we all know, style is ever-changing and what seems unusual one day is completely normal the next. We see it on the runway; we see it in ads and everywhere else: the lines between gender-normative fashions are getting more and more blurred lately.   [...]

By | June 28th, 2016|Fashion Advice|3 Comments

Style Tips for Short Men (B)

Many men are searching for ways to take their style to another level and look great. While it is important to know how to dress your body type, it is important to have a good approach to it. Often, you will see in men’s publication’s articles that address dressing for short men that try to [...]

By | May 31st, 2016|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Style, Style Guides|0 Comments

Your Job Interview: Men’s Style Guide (B)

You have put your resume in order and your elevator pitch is ready. But what about your clothes? If you are getting ready for a job interview, there are a few key elements you need to make sure you check. In this guide, we look at the essential sartorial points you need to touch when [...]

By | November 22nd, 2015|Fashion Advice|6 Comments

5 Men’s Autumn Essentials

Autumn is here and once again everything reshapes itself: nature, the daylight, the way you spend your time. But, as part of this massive change that fall brings with itself, you also need to change your wardrobe. Of course, transitioning from your spring-summer wardrobe to your fall-winter one is a gradual process, but there are [...]

By | October 1st, 2015|Fashion Advice|2 Comments

How to Wear Suspenders: 10 Tips (B)

Suspenders are a great and very modern accessory that many stylish guys enjoy to wear. They were invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston and, initially, they were considered to be underwear and were meant to be hidden. However, today they can be worn to keep your pants up, which was their initial purpose, but they [...]

By | June 25th, 2015|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Suspenders|13 Comments

The 3 Rules Of Wearing a Colorful Suit (B)

It seems that in the last period of time, colorful suits have taken off like a rocket. More designers than ever present bright suits in their collections and on the runways and many stores feature many colorful on their shelves and e-stores. The rise of the colorful suit is directly related to the recent development [...]

By | June 21st, 2015|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Suits|9 Comments

7 Tips to go Sockless and Stay Comfortable (B)

During the warm season, many men enjoy to wear their shoes with no socks. Of course, some shoes, such as sandals, are generally made to be worn with no socks, but all other shoes can be a little hard to be pulled off without shoes. Being sockless can actually feel more comfortable, and it can [...]

By | June 19th, 2015|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, Socks|11 Comments

3 Things to Look Out For When Buying Sandals (B)

A Birkenstock Amalfi leather Milano sandal The summer season is a great time to sport a pair of sandals. Sandals date back to ancient times, but, of course, back then, they weren’t as stylish as they are today. They were used by many people, especially in warm areas such as Egypt, the [...]

By | May 9th, 2015|Basic Style Guides|2 Comments

6 Men’s Office Fashion Tips (B)

A look that follows all the office fashion rules Some companies require their employees to follow a very strict code. Back a while ago, a 46-page long dress code released by a Swiss bank went viral and was seen the paramount of excellence when it comes to dress codes. Some people found [...]

By | April 17th, 2015|Basic Style Guides, Corporate Fashion|18 Comments

Men’s Valentine’s Day Style Guide 2015

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is more and more celebrated throughout the whole world and has somehow entered in the International calendar. The ways in which people celebrate Valentine’s Day are very diverse: from heading off to the mountains to staying at home or going out, the possibilities are endless. Many people celebrate Valentine’s [...]

By | February 5th, 2015|Fashion Advice|6 Comments

Men’s Body Types: Traits and Fashion Tips (B)

Knowing your body shape is a very important aspect of fashion, as it helps you make better and more informed decisions regarding the clothes you wear, the way you accessorize and the way you choose to style yourself. Even though many men want to dress sharp, they can’t get it right because they are not [...]

By | November 29th, 2014|Basic Style Guides, Style|10 Comments

Buying Versatile and Timeless Clothes: A Practical Guide (B)

Many people nowadays complain about not having go-to pieces, as most of the clothes they own are either outdated or do not fit any occasion. This is why we believe that it is very important to know how to buy timeless and versatile clothes. Following a few guidelines can help you find clothes that will [...]

By | October 8th, 2014|Culture|6 Comments

Complete Back to School Outfit Ideas for Boys

Teenagers use their appearance to communicate with the world the things they cannot say. Going back to school is a very important time for teens, and a moment to go shopping for new clothes either alone or with their parents. Finding the right look can be hard and sometimes even expensive. Most teenagers need to [...]

By | August 13th, 2014|Fashion Advice|6 Comments

The Guide to Colorful Shoes (B)

Colorful shoes are an uncommon, yet great fashion item. You can wear them to express your personality, to break up a conservative outfit or to complete your already colorful outfit. While the market for women’s colorful shoes is quite big, men need to spend more time searching for a good pair of colorful shoes.   [...]

By | June 6th, 2014|Accessories, Casual Shoes, Dress Shoes, Shoes|15 Comments

A Guide to Matching Your Tie to Your Pocket Square (B)

The pocket square, also known by the name pockerchief or handkerchief, is a very small, yet significant piece of men’s accessories. The hankie, as it is also called is mostly known for its decorative purposes and for the fact that it can be folded in so many ways that you practically loose count. However, the [...]

By | May 9th, 2014|Accessories, Fashion Advice, Pocket Squares, Ties|33 Comments

A Guide to Coordinating the Colors of Your Clothes (+Examples) (P)

The color theory Color coordination is one of the most important things when it comes to style. A well-thought outfit always has an advantage as opposed to an outfit that has not been so carefully put together. We wrote a while ago a complete guide on how to choose the colors of your clothes. In [...]

By | May 5th, 2014|Fashion Advice, Proficiency Style Guides|42 Comments

How to Pick and Wear T-shirts: A Complete Guide (B)

The t-shirt has a history that goes back about 100 years from now, when in World War I, the American soldiers were supposed to wear heavy wool uniforms, both in the winter and summer. They noticed however that the Europeans wore light weight undershirts that could breathe and kept the soldiers at a better temperature. [...]

By | April 9th, 2014|Basic Style Guides, Fashion Advice, T-shirts|17 Comments

How to Wear Cufflinks: A Complete Guide (B)

Cognac Diamond Moving Rotor Cufflinks by Jacob & Co. Cufflinks have their origins in the 16th century in France (which is why you can wear them with a French cuff), and were a sign of royalty and high class. Since then, cufflinks have become more available to every man and each guy should [...]

By | April 7th, 2014|Accessories, Basic Style Guides, Cufflinks|18 Comments

The 2014 Oscars: Our Favorite Men’s Looks from the Red Carpet

Last night, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood hosted the 2014 edition of the Oscars. The show, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres took place a week after it is usually scheduled to avoid conflict with the broadcast of the winter Olympics. The big winner of the evening was “Gravity”, winning seven awards, including the one Alfonso [...]

By | March 3rd, 2014|Fashion World|15 Comments

Fashion Class by Attire Club: Lesson 1 (B)

Hello dear elegantologists! On AC, we are interested in giving our readers a unique experience, so that their discovery of their own style and the construction of outfits should be a fun thing. For today, we've tried something different. We used a website that allows you to make your own comics to bring you a [...]

By | November 28th, 2013|Attire Club World, Fashion Advice|2 Comments

The Complete Guide To Shoe Laces (B)

Shoe laces, shoe strings in American English or bootlaces in UK English are not just a system that helps you fasten and secure your footwear. They can also be a style statement. Many of you have had issues with shoelaces. They break and then you discover that it’s not that easy to replace them. In [...]