12 Fun Facts About Neck Ties

Neck ties are the staple of men’s accessories. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and patterns and have a long history behind them. Bottom line is that we all like them, wear them and enjoy the feel they bring to an outfit.

There’s so much we can say about ties that we could fill up a whole encyclopedia.

Today we want to have a look at neck ties from a different angle. There are a lot of interesting facts about ties you probably did not know, so get ready to be illuminated.

These facts about neck ties can make you look from another perspective at a tie the next time you are wearing one. We’re going to break down facts about the most expensive tie, the (probably) most lasting one, the origins of the modern tie and a lot more!

Here are the facts:


1. About 300 years ago, the English developed neckwear that was so thick that it could even  stop a sword thrust

2 Usually, the stripes found on American ties run from top right to bottom left, while the stripes of British ties run from top left to bottom right

3. For a silk tie of good quality, there are approximately 110 silkworm cocoons required

4. One of world’s main tie producers is the Chinese city of Shengzhou. This city produces about 200 million ties each year

5. A tie collector is called a grabatologist

6. The most expensive tie in the world was designed by Satya Paul Design Studio. The tie contains 271 diamonds and 150 grams of gold and costs around $220,000

7. The bolo tie is the official tie of US state Arizona

8. In the USA, people buy about 100 million ties each year worth $1 billion

9. In Iran, you are not allowed to sell neck ties, as it is seen as a sign of decadence, but you are allowed to wear one

10. The modern tie has it’s origins in a piece of silk resembling a scarf that was worn by Croatian soldiers and that was named a cravate. So thank you, Croatia!

11. This being said, the first Chinese emperor, Shih Huang Ti, wore a tie (or some similar neck wear) in 210 B.C

12. You can buy a tie that can stop a 9 mm bullet


So, now you know a lot more about ties and adding this historic and cultural layer to a piece of clothing only makes it more fun to wear and to own!


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8 thoughts on “12 Fun Facts About Neck Ties

    • There are similar rules in many countries around the world: like being allowed to produce something but not to sell it, or to own something, but not to use it for it’s purpose (for example there are places in the world where it is legal to buy a device that tells you if there’s a Police radar nearby, but it is illegal to use and if you get caught, you might end up paying a fine.

      Where these things come from is a mystery to us as well.

    • Dear jip,

      That is correct, but an average is only an average, it does not necessarily mean that most bought ties cost $10.


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