Briefs, Boxers, Boxer Briefs: Is There a Best Choice?

If somebody ever told you that beauty is pain, well, they were wrong. Beauty results in a big part out of comfort and you should know that comfort is the source of origin of many other great things, such as confidence. And, when it comes to clothes, what is a better place to start feeling comfortable than with the layer of clothes that is closest to your skin? Today we are going to talk about underwear and clarify something that has become a modern male dilemma: briefs, boxers or boxer briefs: what type is the best?

To tell you the truth right from the start, we can say that there is no “best” choice. It’s all up to you and your lifestyle, but what we can tell you is what a good piece of underwear should or should not be.

You have to look at what you need from your underwear and the answer to what type you should buy will pop right up. But there are a lot of things you should be also taking into consideration when you’re searching for new underwear and we are going to discuss them next.


When you go shopping for underwear, it’s crucial that you make sure the fabric of the piece is a good one. Wearing bad underwear can not only be uncomfortable, resulting in too cold or too hot temperatures around your privates and a severe physical discomfort, but it can also lead to rashes and irritations.

Just as important as the fabric of the underwear you are wearing are the cut and the structure of the underwear.

A great example of a brand offering quality pieces is Tommy John. The brand was founded with the purpose of offering underwear that does not cause “classic” issues to the wearer: getting untucked, clumped or that is simply not breathing right. Their line of underwear is great because it is formfitting and very elastic, which means that even if they come in standard sizes, they will adapt to your body just right, be comfortable and they will give you the support you need.

Let’s take a look at the three most common types of underwear men need to pick from: briefs, boxers and boxer briefs and discuss them each.



A second skin brief by Tommy John. They are made out of a super-thin micro modal fabric and their contour pouch eliminates having to “re-adjust”.

Many guys who practice a lot of sports enjoy wearing briefs, as they feel that these are going to support them in the best way and that they won’t be bothered by extra fabric when doing their exercises. Briefs are great because they cover your backside and privates completely, but they leave the upper thigh and the side of your leg exposed. This makes them comfortable to wear with almost anything. Briefs come in high-, medium- and low-rise.

In the case of high-rise briefs, the waistband stands right below your belly button. This is the more traditional fit. This kind of brief can streamline your waist, and thus smoothing your stomach and shaping your waist. High-rise briefs are perfect to be worn with high-waisted pants.

Mid-rise briefs have the waistband situated at your natural waistline. This is, of course, the middle model, which is very versatile and goes with dress pants, board shorts, regular cut jeans and many other types of pants.

In the case of low-rise briefs, the waistband sits below the natural waistline of the wearer. They are usually quite small, but they do have enough fabric to cover you up. Some low-rise briefs are designed to visually enhance your “pack”. This kind of briefs goes great with low-rise shorts or jeans but also with workout pants.



Boxers usually have a loose fit. Many men like them because they are similar to shorts. They are perfect to be worn in everyday activities, but you can also wear them when you are doing sports or going out. They are designed to offer your legs a lot of movement and have more breathability than any other type of underwear. A lot of boxers have an open fly, in case you need it. Boxers usually come in a larger variety of colors, patterns and prints than the other types of underwear, so if you are looking for colorful or fun underwear, you should be probably look in the boxers section. Boxers are not all the same: some are more loose than others, so make sure you check out several pairs before you actually buy one, as a different model might be more appropriate for you! They are perfect to be worn with shorts, pajamas and looser pants. Note that tight pants and boxers don’t usually make a great combo!

Guys who struggle with itching or irritation as a result of more or less severe skin issues, should probably go with boxers. However, if you are having a reaction to a certain fabric, you should probably just change the underwear.


Boxer briefs

A fitted boxer short by Tommy John. They have a unique Horizontal Quick Draw™ Fly for “quick” access.

Boxer briefs are “the in-betweens”. They are not as tight as briefs, but not as loose as boxers. Many athletic guys prefer boxer briefs for their daily routine. Boxer briefs are tighter than boxers and they hold things in better than boxers, which leave everything loose. This is why you might feel more secure if you are wearing boxer briefs than if you would be wearing boxers.

Boxer briefs are perfect to be worn with a wide range of clothes: from workout equipment to jeans and formal wear as they are usually designed with a moderate height of the waist.



When it comes to health issues, as we stated before, it’s crucial that your skin should breathe. Everything else you might have heard, for example that wearing too tight underwear will affect your fertility is not 100% false, but the impact of the underwear on parameters such as your sperm count is too small to panic over.

Also, why should you decide for just one type of underwear and feel like you can’t change it? If you are undecided, you can simply buy more styles and see in which one you feel best.

In the end, even if not many people will see your underwear, wearing the right pair will make you comfortable and if there’s one thing that never becomes unfashionable, that’s comfort and the attitude that comes with it!

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P.S. What type of underwear do you prefer? What factors do you take into consideration when it comes to getting a new pair? Share your comments below and let’s keep the conversation going!

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