How to Match Your Watch to Your Clothes (B)

Watches are one of the most worn piece of accessories by most men, who, when they pick their accessories, choose to wear a watch or a tie. Waistbands, pocket squares and all the other accessories men can use are generally left for the second or third place. The watch you are wearing speaks a lot about your personality and taste. The reason watches are such a powerful reflection of one’s inner being is because they are a conscious choice. Mostly everyone today has a cell phone they can check to see what time it is, so wearing a watch is a deliberate choice and a style statement.

Your watch speaks a lot about your personality and taste. This watch can be found on The Watch Gallery.

Your watch speaks a lot about your personality and taste. This watch can be found on The Watch Gallery.

This is why it is essential to know how to match your watch to your clothes. Wearing the right accessories can make or break an outfit and following a few guidelines regarding your watches can make a difference when it comes to your aspect.

To choose your watch wisely, you need to make sure that both your outfit and your watch are appropriate for the occasion for which you are wearing them. One watch cannot fit all occasions: there will be at least one occasion where your watch is not appropriate. What you need to know is that there is a wide variety of watches on the market and and that you can learn what a good watch is and what is a bad one either from experimenting or from recommendations (the second way will definitely save you a lot of money). To make a recommendation, The Watch Gallery is a great website where you can find a great selection of watches for both men and women. They are clearly broken down into categories so that you can make the best choices. You can find extraordinary watches by various brands, including Ralph Lauren, Jaeger LeCoultre and Cartier.



Your watch and the occasion

Very elegant


Elegant watches

Beautiful designer watches we found browsing The Watch Gallery


Elegant watches are usually characterized by simplicity. Because simplicity is something that’s so hard to obtain, a simple, yet sophisticated watch is the best option should you be wearing a suit. Depending on the occasion, an elegant watch can be made out of gold, white gold or silver for a very upscale event, or it can be more colorful and have leather strap, but still look “well-mannered”. A simple, elegant, yet colorful watch can be the pop of color you can add to a very formal outfit. Note that there are different degrees of formal clothes: a tuxedo should never be worn with a watch, but a formal suit can go with a watch very well.


Very casual


Ceramic watches

Ceramic watches (found on The Watch Gallery).


We assume that you are not a guy who is wearing sweatpants on a daily basis outside of your work-out place when we discuss what an appropriate casual watch is. The right casual watch has fine lines and a carefully crafted design, but it also leaves room to playfulness and creativity. You will notice that most watches fall in this category. Sometimes, a casual watch can be more strict than another, but, again, it all depends on the circumstances. For example, both working at the office and traveling are casual occasions, but they are different types of casual. The more laid back the situation, the more relaxed you can be when it comes to your watch: we don’t recommend that you wear a too colorful watch when you are in a business-casual environment, but this does not mean that you can’t wear a more formal watch when you are hanging out with your friends.


Very sporty


Three of the many sport watches one can get on The Watch Gallery

Three of the many sport watches one can get on The Watch Gallery


Sport watches are just the right thing to wear when you are hitting the gym, going for a jog or meeting up some people at your local sports bar. These can have a lot of buttons and switches and work very well even if they have a digital display. By mixing layers, lines, and by using dynamic shapes, a sport watch has all the features of an active accessory. Some watches are even made resist underwater, so they are just the right thing to wear on your wrist when you go swimming or diving. This way, because you will probably also have a chronometer, you will know how much time you’re spending in the water.



Your watch and your body frame

A slim watch

A slim watch found on The Watch Gallery

To get the best effect you should always pick your watch according to your size as well. As any other accessories, watches should be proportionate to your body: thin men can work slim watches, while bigger guys can carry watches that are boxier and more robust. If you are a small guy and you wear a big watch, it won’t make you look bigger, you will appear to be wearing handcuffs. Also, a bigger man wearing a thin watch is most likely to look “arm-strangled”.

Just like in the case of glasses, a watch can harden of soften your look if needed. For example, a watch with a boxier shape can compensate a more slender figure, while a very round watch can soften a very “square look”. Sometimes, watches can be in tandem with your shape. This is why the golden rule is to see what looks best on you and which trick results in the most harmonious look you can get.




Your watch and the colors of your clothes

A very important aspect of wearing a watch are its colors. To cut right to the chase and answer the most burning question, whether gold and silver can be paired, we need to say that the answer is: yes, you can mix gold and silver, as they are both neutrals.

Usually black watches are the most formal, while brown, gray or khaki watches tend to be more casual. Very colorful watches should be kept for casual occasions only.

Very bright colors are usually the right choice when it comes to sport watches, while darker colors are reserved for more formal watches. If you choose to wear a colorful, watch, you can put together a color scheme by using the color wheel and integrate the watch within your concept. Creating a good color scheme can also flatter your skin tone.

To conclude, we can say that the variety of watches matches the variety of occasions and people in the world: you just need to use some time to think whether the watch you wear is an external reflection of the message you want to convey and the context in which you will be wearing it.



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P.S. What type of watches do you prefer? Do you have a favorite brand? How do you choose a watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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      We think that if digital watches are your trade mark, you should wear them anywhere, but yes, analog watches are usually more elegant. However, you can wear a digital watch while wearing almost any type of outfit. We would not recommend that you wear a digital watch with a very formal suit though!

  1. Matching a watch with an outfit can be as simple as one, two, three. But, it can also be nerve-wracking if you lack the basic knowledge to do it. Very useful & interesting tips. Thank you a lot!

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