Making the Best out of Your Free Time: Hobbies for Men

Hobbies are a great way to spend some time: they connect you with new people, new mediums and with yourself.


Why have hobbies?

Hobbies such as horse riding can sometimes have therapeutic effects

Having a hobby is something that has changed over the course of time. Of course, back a few hundred years ago, hobbies did not exist in the form in which they exist today. People were pretty much defined by their jobs, and it was something rather unusual for somebody to do something else rather than his work.

This is maybe because people used to dedicate a lot of their time to their work it was what defined them and what made them- them, but today we know better than that and know that our job don’t necessarily have to be the one thing that defines us.

The roots of the word “hobby” go very far back in history. In the 13th century, the word “hobyn” meant small horse or pony and, since riding a pony wasn’t something done on an everyday basis, it was called a hobby horse and eventually meant something done out of pleasure.

So basically, that is what hobbies are: something you do out of the pleasure of doing it and not because somebody tells you so or because you have to. Once a hobby becomes something more, it is not a hobby anymore. Pretty much anything can qualify as a hobby: from playing the African djembe to gardening and dancing, whatever makes you feel like stepping into another world can be considered a hobby.



How to get a hobby?

You can have hobbies that involve different types of activities, such as mountain climbing or bike riding, or you can have hobbies that do not require leaving the house, such as playing some casino games on Caesar’s Casino.  Caesar’s Casino is a website where you can find a very wide variety of casino-style games and is just what a guy with some time on his hands is looking for to have some fun from home. In the digital age, you don’t actually need to get out of the house to have some fun; it can all be done inside the privacy of your own home. Playing online games can also help you learn casino games better and help you practice for a fun night out!



Some hobbies are more fun, while others might leave you bouche bée. Here’s a breakdown of some popular or not so popular hobbies:


Learning how to cook will definitely teach you a lot about fashion too, as you will learn how to organically put things together

Collecting art: Collecting art is a great way to refine your taste and to learn more about the world, but it does require some extra money. An alternative to going to auctions can be collecting cultural artifacts or personal history items. You can find a lot of amazing thing by visiting exotic markets, unusual stores, or when you are traveling. 

Competitive eating: Seriously? Eating as a contest is, as silly as it might sound a very popular hobby nowadays. You just have to have the stomach for it.

Cooking: Done for some as a job, by others as a necessity, cooking can be something relaxing if you don’t do it every day. However, even when your soufflé doesn’t turn out well, you should be a little pissed.

Collecting stamps: While this might be something very popular and widespread, we could never understand the fun in it. Is it a grown-up version of collecting stickers?

Playing an instrument: Learning how to play any instrument is a great way to make your senses more acute and to refine your taste.  After just a few lessons (even if you learn how to play the harmonica), you will start to see the world in a different way, hear more and understand more about the medium you live in.


Hobbies should always bring out the best in you


Learning a new language: There was once a story about a guy who learned Italian and then, when he managed to raise some money and traveled to Italy, nobody could understand him. The joke behind the story was that he had learned a whole different language, but the true lesson behind it is that if are to learn a language, you should do it right!

Fighting: While we don’t want you to engage into street fights or barroom brawls, we think that fighting is a great way to come in contact with yourself and to test your own limits. Take on a wrestling class, a judo class or any kind of martial arts class to educate your body and your spirit. We would definitely recommend playing Calcio Fiorentino: that’s a sport any man should try out!


Calcio Fiorentino is a combination of fighting, boxing, rugby and soccer and takes place only once a year in Italy


Playing sports: Sports in general are a great way to spend your free time if you don’t want to actually speak to anyone. Besides from toning your body, which will eventually happen even if you don’t intend it to, sports are great hobbies. Toning your body will inevitably lead to toning your mind, so sports are definitely a great hobby to have!


Hobbies and your personality

What is interesting about hobbies is that they are really the thing that expresses your personality. While you might not be able to choose what job or position you have, you definitely can choose what hobby you will pursue. Even if some hobbies cost more than others, you are sure to find something similar that will make you feel just as satisfied. You have to see hobbies as something you like to do and not something you feel you need to complete.

Choosing a hobby should be done wisely, should you not know from the start what you are looking for. Don’t ask yourself what you are supposed to do, but what you want to do. Hobbies reflect one’s true personality and if your hobby doesn’t make you happy, then it’s you only you who you are fooling. Taking on golf just because it’s considered the sport of businessmen won’t make you more of a businessman. However, we would advise you to try to do the things you feel the person you want to be should be doing: this will only make you closer with your ideals and will offer you the lifestyle you truly want to live. So, if you are working in a loud environment and feel that you need some quiet time in the library, go for it, if you are a guy who spends way too much time in front of you smartphone and feel you should be taking on rugby, do it!

A hobby should not take out too much of your time or too much of your effort. If you are starting to miss work and lose money because of it, you should probably change something about it. A hobby does not have to drive you out of the house and get you in a spectacular new world: you can read, write or simply do something from home.


In conclusion, hobbies are a great way to unwind, but also a perfect way to do something you don’t normally do and to get to know yourself better. Practicing a hobby, whether it’s skydiving or collecting fine art, hobbies can enrich your life.


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    • With cooking, it’s all about the purpose. If you do it under stress, you will be stressed, if not, it can be a good hobby!

  1. I love playing sports. Hobbies are not just a fun but these are alos good for our health. Also I love to spend my free time by connecting with new friends and people of similar interest. 🙂

  2. My hobby is painting, but I also like to cook – it relaxes me. I guess if I had to cook for many people all the time, it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore..

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