The Best Menswear Looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China Spring-Summer 2017

Fashion Weeks happen all around the world and it’s with great pleasure that we present you the best looks from various places, so that as an elegantologist you will have a global perspective of what is happening in the fashion world.

Discover our fashion edit of the best looks presented earlier this year at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China Spring-Summer 2017.



Shangshou Huatian by Yi Ren



Going between basic essentials to jolly polka dots the Shangshou Huatian by Yi Ren was a bowl of energy during China Fashion Week, as neutrals and pastels came together in a balanced and harmonious mix. Good fashion is all about knowing how to strike a balance and this label did just that.






There’s something about minimalism that doesn’t stop to fascinate us. Maybe it’s the fact that, despite being “minimal”, you can play with it in so many ways, and the possibilities are still endless. Brand Tranquility showed how you can play with minimalism when you mix it with modernist cuts and mix that with a hard and soft play. The results were not only very creative and artistic, but highly wearable as well! Great job!






Showing that you can do black for a spring collection, GIOIA PAN went for an extremely dark collection for the spring-summer 2017 season. The cuts and prints were urban and traditional at the same time and offered a true Chinese Gotham aesthetic.



Henry Herbert by Yong Liu



The man presented by the Henry Herbert by Yong Liu collection is a man who is not afraid to be noticed wearing bold colors and cool prints. With a very serious, yet playful aesthetic, the collection updated classic tailoring and gave it an original and personal spin.



CC IKATS by Yingfen Cheng



Colorful and modern, the CC IKATS by Yingfen Cheng spring-summer 2017 collection was one of the most vibrant shows during the MBFW China event. Pop elements and geometric motifs were mixed and the result was an eclectic and diverse series of superb clothes.






It is not often to see menswear in light shades of purple, so the ZengFengfei collection definitely came as a great surprise. The silky satin textures and embroidered elements were used for interesting jackets, shorts and other pieces, all being treated with amazing creativity. We also loved the accessories, which completed the collection and raised it to another level.



VEIKKO by Bing Li



The VEIKKO by Bing Li man is a man of the world. Not only can we see the clothes on racks in stores across China and the world, but we can see exactly where a man can wear them. Just looking at the clothes, we can imagine where the clothes would be suited: the restaurant, the club, the workplace – all the pieces are designed with a dynamic and rich-minded man in mind.



TaoLouLan by Tao Tao



The TaoLouLan by Tao Tao spring-summer menswear collection was quite retro, but in a modern, updated kind of way. With vintage-inspired prints, the collection showed that good motifs can be reinterpreted in many ways. We could definitely see someone wear this jacket at a fantastic evening party. Well done!






Very masculine and boyish at the same time, the Cabbeen collection was definitely one for the guys who love to hit the streets in great style. With an eye for proportion and cool prints, the collection definitely made an impact. Here’s to the good bad boys of China!






Ethereal silhouettes, natural fabrics and soft colors were the main featured of the CHUYAN S/S 2017 collection. The garments stood out due to their eco aesthetics and mixed Chinese culture and hippie imagery, resulting in a chic and cool look.






Sporty and cool, the U/TI was a strong presence on the runways of China Fashion Week. The ease of the collection was impressive and the sophistication was definitely there. Who can say that you can’t do practical gear that is also fashion-forward?


From traditional and modern prints to chic urbanwear, the Chinese fashion industry seems to have a lot to give. It’s definitely a blooming market, with designers and labels emerging at a quick pace and we are excited to see what these fashion houses will do next. So far, it seems that the spring and summer of 2017 will be according to Chinese designers, a very fun season from a sartorial point of view.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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