The Goga Nikabadze Autumn-Winter 2017-18 Menswear Collection in Review

The ready-to-wear Goga Nikabadze autumn-winter 2017-18 collection was recently revealed and it was a very eye-catching collection. Featuring mostly womenswear looks, the collection also showcased a series of men’s looks that were very interesting, as they walked a fine line between being very elegant and too crazy.

While some looks were more muted, striking a very balanced proportion between shine and matte and flowy and structured, other looks went all out with the shine and the draping.

This is a great conversation opener, as it raises the question: “What is the shine ceiling?” From the start, we can say that the looks worked, they were cohesive and coherent and made for some very wearable clothes.


Of course, as said, a first type of looks stroke a balance between shiny pieces and matte one, which fashion done by the book: if you have a strong, bold, shiny piece, you can definitely balance it out with a solid neutral, a process that will result in a balanced and pleasing look.

A second type of outfits featured elements such as ruffles, which was another interesting way to add visual interest without making appeal to the shine element. This way, the outfit is eccentric in a good way, by creating a lot of dimension and offering depth in different ways, allowing the eye of the viewer to travel and to discover and break down the elements that compose it. From this point of view, it was great that the Goga Nikabadze runway show featured not only fashion, but also style, meaning the way in which fashion is used to express an idea or concept.

The third type of looks consisted of all-shiny pieces: shine, shine, from head to toe. Now, this can be quite a controversial aesthetic, as this kind of approach can go wrong very easily. But it worked. And the reason it worked was because Nikabadze mixed pieces that had different textures. One of them was bulkier and featured more depth, while the other one was silk-like, watery and extremely smooth. This way, the designer managed to do full-shine right and to create balance while using more shiny pieces. And that’s where the key and artistry of this collection lies.


The pieces themselves of the collection were great, but not extremely out there. They were casual items, home robes and other simple garments, that are nevertheless, very practical. While this might sound as something on the negative side, it was definitely a wise choice to do such simple pieces. Doing some extremely intricate cuts and shapes in those fabrics would have made for an over the top collection.


To conclude, the Goga Nikabadze autumn-winter 2017-18 menswear collection, while it was an on the edge collection, definitely caught our attention for the right reasons. Goga Nikabadze made great choices when it came to the looks and the styling was on point as well.

This collection is a great example of how you can do right outfits using surprising elements and ideas that you wouldn’t normally see. It is a great representation of how you can work with clothes and fabrics to obtain balance, cohesion and great style.




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