Influences from Global Fashion Weeks (Spring-Summer 2017)

Fashion Weeks happen all over the world, but they often get missed by the mainstream media. This does not mean that there are not some truly great styles coming out of unexpected places such as Tibilisi or Seoul.

Many times, Fashion Weeks that are not in the main spotlight feature almost 100% womenswear, with menswear still highly underrepresented. This does not mean however, that there are not some truly exceptional styles coming from these events that can be translated into menswear as well, as they are really great sources of inspiration.


Discover our picks from various Fashion Weeks from different places from around the world.



Bessarion – Tibilisi



Showcased last year during Tibilisi Fashion Week in Georgia, this look does a lot of good to the eye. We loved the bold red, which was supported by the simple, yet strong black and white pattern and balanced out by the muted camouflage. This look can be easily put together by many people in various ways and it is definitely going to command attention due to its creativity and beauty.



Dalood – Tibilisi



We really liked the idea of a happy camouflage as done in this outfit by Dalood. While we’ve seen bright and colorful camouflage before, it is usually quite infantile featuring bright neon pinks and greens. However, a more subdued, yet still very quirky camouflage print is definitely something new and cool, which we’re sure many guys would love too.



George Keburia – Tibilisi



This outfit has an extremely feminine silhouette, but it can be a source of menswear inspiration in the sense that many guys today like to wear soft fabrics and smooth cuts. Also, playing with a short v-neck is something many men will definitely like to do, as they make you look more polished than scoop necklines and elongate your neck.



Ethosens – Tokyo



A fun and cool twist to a classic, European trench coat, this piece by Ethosens is a great and youthful piece to wear. It is definitely something young men can wear during the summer, especially those who live in areas where the weather is cool and windy in general.



PlasticTokyo – Tokyo



If you cannot decide for one type of outfit, why not wear both? PlasticTokyo definitely channeled this idea with this two-in-one look. The reason we loved it is because it is fashion, meaning that it plays with clothes creating something new, but it is also wearable and a statement piece which will draw a lot of attention to the man who wears it.



DressedUndressed – Tokyo



Doing justice to their label name, DressedUndressed presented this fantastic look featuring a covered arm and an uncovered one. On paper, this look sounds quite strange and you’d expect it not to work, but once you see it, it really makes for a very appealing and interesting outfit. Well done.



Kimseoryong – Seoul



This Kimseoryong look is doing the oversized aesthetic the right way: the jacket has a lot of volume, but the tailoring and the fit are there. The ruffles of the shirt balance out the simple and straight lines of the cuts. And, the brand did it all in white, which is a color that is quite hard to work with. Also, the sandals are the cherry on the top. Great job!



Charm’s – Seoul



We were talking earlier about how men can wear soft pink and fine lines and cuts. This Charm’s look is the expression of just that concept. Of course, as said, we would have loved to see a v-neck, but the Korean brand showed that you can do it right with a crew neck as well.



Yulia Nikolaeva – Moscow



This dress was a cool approach to the little black dress. LBDs are usually more fitted and narrow, so we definitely saluted this approach to this womenswear classic. Which is the little black dress of menswear?



Ksenia Knyazeva – Moscow



If you add a lot of visual interest in the upper half of your look and balance it out with simplicity in the rest, you will definitely draw attention to your face. This tip is something men should make use of in their outfits as well. Thank you, Ms. Knyazeva!



A thing that gets often overlooked in the menswear scene is the fact that the colors, prints and patterns used in womenswear outfits can be translated into masculine looks, hence making them serve as great inspiration for men and women alike, which is why we feature womenswear looks alongside with men’s looks.

It is always interesting to discover how fashion is created around the world and what brands and designers that are not extremely famous have to say, as sometimes they are closer to the pulse of the street than other designers. Therefore, Fashion Weeks definitely have their role in the social calendar and are of big importance, culturally speaking.



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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