The Advani Spring-Summer 2017 Menswear Collection in Review

The London-based menswear label Advani is a brand dedicated to creating clothes for the modern gentleman, by combining classic silhouettes with sportswear. This approach is a very wise approach, as the menswear world is very likely to be heading in a direction where the lines between formal and sporty become blurry.


For their spring-summer 2017 collection, the brand, led by Abhishek Advani, proposed a small collection of clothes that remained true to their proposed aesthetic.

All the pieces were tailored in a truly impeccable manner and featured soft lines that made them look precise and sharp. The color palette was spring-appropriate, featuring burgundy and a lot of orange, as well as its complementary, blue and a palette of neutrals to balance out the bold colors.

The outfits of this six-look collection were styled in a way that continued the brand’s vision. Not only did they mix elements of dressy and sporty, but it can be argued that they also worked with a high-low mix, as very sophisticated pieces were paired with more basic items, which resulted in a balanced and elegant array of outfits.


The Advani collection is full of details that make it a true fashion collection, which complements its extremely wearable character.

All in all, the collection was a success: it combines refinement with casualness and features pieces that can be easily mixed with other items or accessorized with a variety of outfits. We can definitely see any of these looks being worn with a watch, a ring or even a nice silver necklace.


Today fashion is all about mixing aesthetics, mixing colors and making the most of your wardrobe and the Advani spring-summer 2017 menswear collection definitely embodies those traits, which make it for a great piece of contemporary fashion.



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