What is Beard Oil and How to Apply It? (B)

There is a whole category of men who enjoy everything about beards, and for the right reason. Beards are a sign of masculinity and, a well-groomed beard is a sign of a man who pays attention to details and of health and overall well-being.

Also, it’s been scientifically proven that stroking your beard when concentrating or thinking about something will help you with the process, as it will calm you down and make your thoughts flow more easily.


Grooming your beard can mean several things. The main thing you need to do is trim the edges, both in terms of the area that covers your face and neck and in terms of volume. Of course, the older you get, the more grooming you need to do, but hey, who said being handsome is easy?



What is beard oil?

One of the things many men use to keep their beard in good shape is beard oil.

Beard oil is meant to help you keep your beard in shape by moisturizing your facial hair and the skin beneath it. This way, given that your hairs and skin will be hydrated, your beard will look softer and tamer, but also shiner and well-groomed. This is something older men in particular should pay attention to, as, after a certain age, your beard starts to grow in all directions. Beard oil will also help you keep your facial hair clean and smelling fresh.



How to apply beard oil?

Beard oil is very easy to apply. Before you do it, be reminded that the best time to apply it is right after you shower, as this is the best time your hairs will absorb the oil.

However, note that before applying the oil, you should make sure your beard is dry; otherwise the water might prevent it from being absorbed.


For a medium beard, you only need two or three drops or beard oil. Place them in your hands and spread them out. Next, rub the oil all over your face. You can start from the cheeks and go down, but some men prefer making their own way.

Should you have a longer beard, make sure you use a wide toothed beard comb to untangle beard and mustache hairs that are not in the right place. Once you are finished, if you have a longer beard, you can use the comb again to straighten out any out-of-place hairs.

If you use other products, such as wax, you can apply them after the oil.


There is nothing truly complicated when it comes to beard oil. All you have to remember is not to use too much and to apply it on a clean beard. Taking good care of your beard will make you look great and you will have the confidence you need to sport a beard like a true elegantologist.


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  1. Hi, thanks for great post! I have used beard oil for several times a week for one year so far and that was the best decision. Applying beard oil each day after shower will also make your beard thicker and fuller. Which will in return fill up those beard patches over a period of time

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