Men’s Summer Style Tips (B)

The warm season is special for many people. It’s a time for holidays, it’s a time to unwind and it’s also a time to have fun with your fashion and style. Taking your style to a whole new level during the summer is quite easy if you follow some simple directions.

Discover our tips for a great sartorial summer, which can help you redefine your style overall.



Wear good fabrics

Wearing natural, summer-appropriate fabrics is essential if you want to have a good summer, sartorially speaking. Think of wearing materials such as linen, cotton or even silk. For a cool night out, you can wear a leather jacket. Light velvet also works well in the summer, but heavy materials such as tweed or knits will make you too hot.



Wear bright colors

Summer is a great time to wear colors and try on things that are out of the box. If you are thinking of sporting a bright jacket or a crazy pair of pants, now is the time. If you are going away for the holidays, you can take all the things you want to try on with you and see how they make you feel. This way, you won’t be self-conscious thinking that you will project and image you don’t want to project in your everyday environment.



Wear layers

Depending on the climate in which you spend your summer, temperatures can get quite moody, even in the warm season. This is why it is important to layer your clothes. Think of adding a vest and a light jacket to a shirt instead of just one bulky sweater. By taking one or two pieces off, you can adapt more easily to different weather conditions and will have smoother transitions between the indoors acclimatization and outside conditions.



Wear a hat

Wearing a hat can have many positive outcomes during the summer. First of all, it protects your eyes from the bright sun, secondly it protects your head from strong heat and thirdly, it protects your hair from getting damaged due to the sun or to dust or sand, which can be quite common in the summer. The type of hat you wear depends on the context in which you wear it. For example, you can wear a regular cap on the beach and a fedora in the evening. Hats can also be helpful at night, as they can keep you just warm enough to feel comfortable and protect you from the wind, and not too hot so that you feel too warm, as you would with a winter or autumn hat.



Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably the “it” accessory for the summer. They come in many styles, shapes, sizes and materials and can complement any outfit if chosen wisely.

There is basically a type of sunglasses for any occasion and context and making a good choice will enhance your look. For example, you can opt for a more colorful or even printed pair if you want to use them as your central piece or for a more muted, neutral (gray, white, black, khaki, beige, etc.) pair if you want it to just compliment your outfit.




Your style experience would not be 100% complete without the right grooming. In the summer, you must always be careful to use a moisturizer (best used before you go to bed), a scrub for your face – it is best to exfoliate only twice a week or so and a good aftershave lotion.

Also, make sure your hair is trimmed and well styled, as this will make you not only look good, but also feel good.

Also, if you will spend more time in the sun, make sure to use a good sunscreen, even if you want to get a tan. Sunscreen is meant to protect you from the harm the sun can do to your skin and to help you get a good tan.


Summer is a great time to try on new colors such as orange, green or yellow, to experiment with prints and patterns and to discover new grooming products. If you accessorize your clothes well, pick the right fabrics and make sure your skin is moist and protected, you are in for a good style experience.


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