AC Mood Board: Vintage Fashion Magazine Covers

Fashion enthusiasts from around the world have always excitedly expected to discover the newest editions of various magazines. For many, fashion magazines and were a door to different worlds, they were a source of inspiration and a physical presence of creativity in their lives.

Magazines have a lot of power. Not only are they major influences on culture, but they are also creative works that continue to inspire people when it comes to aesthetics and style.

The magazine cover picture is an issue’s most representative photo. It is the face that connects the stories and people from inside the magazine with the reader. Magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and others have always showcased beautiful pictures of gorgeous women on their covers.

These covers are often impressive portraits that say a lot about the women portrayed and, more than that, about the women they represent. They are, if you will, “every woman” as the Chaka Khan song would say.

Covers have not only a commercial aspect, but also a personal one: they are designed to attract, in other words, they showcase the reader’s mind structures and aspirations.

This way, they are in a way the very definition of fashion: they are clothes and images of clothes that communicate essential information about the wearer, their context, as well as about society at large and the wishes and world view of the reader. Magazine covers are one of the biggest visual storytellers of our times.

Discover our mood board of some great magazine covers from different ages – womenswear edition.


British Vogue January 1949


Elle Denmark


Harper’s Bazaar April 1943


Vogue 1951


ELLE February 1968


Seventeen April 1950


Charm February 1951


ELLE 1990s



Fraquoh and Franchomme





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