The Best Menswear Looks from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Fashion Week season turned to Milan between June 17 – 20, when Italian and international designers showcased their collections for the spring-summer 2018 season.

There were a lot of great fashions coming from Milan this season. While it was surprising how many outerwear pieces and how few t-shirts and swimwear we saw, given that summer collections were presented, the clothes that walked the runways in Milan were our favorites so far from what we’ve seen for the spring-summer 2018 season. They were masculine and elegant, but still fun and interesting.

Take a look our favorite looks from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 below:






This outfit by Canali is a pinnacle of elegance. It is classic, refined, modern and timeless. The materials and colors are rich and elegant. It is impeccably tailored and has a great vibe to it. It’s very majestic and serious, but in a hip and young way.



Dolce & Gabbana



For this season, Dolce & Gabbana has maintained their shiny concept with which they ran for the last seasons, but, as they do, they put a new spin to it. Games, cards and animals seem to have been the concept behind their collection, which put a very upscale twist to the kitsch of Vegas.

The details, such as the one on this jacket were amazing and made the collection complete and polished.






A very Italian look by Marni featuring loose shapes, a print mix and a casual tie is definitely an eye-grabbing look. This outfit is a modern take on 1960s clothes that we’ve grown to like from watching Italian cinema. Who wouldn’t want it in their closet?






Red, white and black is always a winning combination. Do it with clothes that feature great cuts and a cool background concept, and you have a great outfit such as this one by Versace. Such a look is versatile, it can be dressed up or down and can be worked in different types of contexts.



Damir Doma



This print mix from the latest Damir Doma collection is correct from a technical point of view, as it features two prints with different sizes, but it is nevertheless weird and catchy. It’s always interesting to see fashions that are done according to all the rules, but still look you have broken all the rules. Really great!






This Prada look is a soft take on a classic moto look. It’s quite futuristic and very dynamic. The double belt effect adds visual interest, due to the depth element it adds. The open neck is a great way to balance the otherwise tense look out. Well done.






This classic prom look is like a great wearable memorabilia. We love the color, the ruffles and the cool bow tie. The serious monkstrap shoes make it mature and powerful, without leaving the boyish charm behind. Great job!



Giorgio Armani



Amazing, because it uses our favorite color combination. What more can you want?


Between Armani, Prada, Versace, Canali and other great brands, there were a lot of amazing fashions to be seen in Milan this Fashion Week. It is very exciting to see that designers still create classic, but updated looks that many men from around the world can enjoy seeing and wearing.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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