The Billionaire Spring 2018 Collection in Review

Billionaire is a menswear brand that has a great outlook over fashion and style. They are dedicated to creating state of the art clothes for the movers and shakers of the world. They are a label that creates clothes for masculine powerhouses who, they believe, should be right at the center of the sartorial stage. They are definitely a brand that shares many of the values AC does: Billionaire is all about the men who don’t want to wear the same suit day and day out, but who want to put an extravagant, yet virile twist to a classic look.

The Billionaire man is a new type of adventurer: he does not explore wild forests, but pursues experiences and new ways of doing things. He is a little bit eccentric and very careful when it comes to details.

The brand relies on Italian craftsmanship as they create unconventional luxury items for today’s leaders or for those who want to channel their inner leader. They are reinterpreting classic items and products in a dynamic, engaging and colorful way.

Their spring-summer 2018 collection did not fall short at all. In fact, it was a great embodiment of the brand’s core values and aesthetic. For those who are not familiar with Billionaire, this collection can be a great introduction to the brand. It’s like their business card or signature, if you will.

From striped suits, ready to be worn on a yacht to a pink leather trench coat, the collection is unapologetic and projects an image of a very confident man.

Of course, as it is always in fashion, the clothes are great because they can boost one’s confidence and make him feel like a billionaire. While we don’t ever recommend relying just on your clothes to boost your confidence and have a better attitude, we always say that they do help a lot.


It’s remarkable how the brand knows how to construct not just clothes, but an image: the pieces of the collection add instant style with their relaxed and edgy attitude. The clothes feature many prints such as polka dots, but also interesting cuts and textures that complete the feel-good vibe of the collection.

From basic neutrals to very vibrant items, the collection featured clothes for various contexts and moods. The item styles themselves were also varied, as not only suits and jackets, but also pants, gloves and even shorts walked down the runway. It was great to see that the brand chose older models to wear these clothes, especially the shorts, which caters to the brand’s unapologetic character.

What we enjoy most about this remarkable collection is that it strikes a great balance between being serious and playful; it goes to show that you can be both at the same time and that balance can be achieved.


Discover our favorite looks from the collection and why we like them below:



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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