AC Mood Board: Vintage Men’s Magazine Covers

Men’s magazines have always been quite a small niche in the publishing world. Just as in other fields such as clothes and cosmetics, there are by far many more women’s niches represented and in higher numbers than men’s.

Today, a men’s magazine is generally understood to be either a pornographic magazine, a tech magazine or the occasional fashion magazine. There are also other types of magazines addressed to men, but those are so small and few that they hardly have a place in the mind of the consumer.

The concepts behind men’s magazines have become narrower throughout time. If once, men’s magazines were about very diverse items, with a diversity in approaches and styles, today they have become mostly either the same boring advertorials or porn. In a way, it makes sense that general-topic magazines are not “men’s magazines”, given that men and women are both in the public arena now, but the fact that there is a lack in male perspectives is something that can’t not be noticed.

Men’s publications today are either cynical (claiming to be humorous and ironic) or just plain bland: suits after suits after suits. And, unfortunately, that is how men are more often than not imagined in the collective vision these days: either goony clowns who can’t develop or express feelings or bland and simple creatures.

This is why Attire Club has released the InCompany by Attire Club magazine a few years ago, to balance out these world views and to offer a publication that caters to different types of masculinity: to adventurers, to thinkers, to true humorists, to creatives and to all those who celebrate a complex view of manhood, not a basic, charicatural one.

For those who like men’s magazines, vintage covers are always a fun and interesting thing to discover. From the aggressive 1950s magazines, where men conquered nature and rescued women to very stylish fashion magazines and fitness bibles, there is a great array of imagery to be discovered.


Man’s Magazine December 1962


Male December 1955


GQ Summer 1968


Men’s Fitness October 1988


GQ Winter 1972


GQ February 1990


Physical Culture April 1907


Men’s Journal June 2015



Fraquoh and Franchomme






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