The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in Menswear

The 2017 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards took place on August 27 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The event, hosted by Katy Perry gave out awards to music videos released between June 25, 2016 and June 23, 2017.

As with any awards ceremony, there was a red carpet event on which celebrities showcased their style through clothes. Most guys who attended the event were casual and relaxed in terms of their clothes, being a reflection of the event’s teen atmosphere and the casual vibe it currently has.

Discover our menswear edit below.



Calvin Harris



DJ Calvin Harris wore an outfit that was either a dressed up casual ensemble or a dressed down dressy look. That was what was great about it: by mixing a well-fitting shirt featuring a casual print with a simple yet dressy pair of gray pants, he managed to pull off a look that was balanced, event-appropriate and cool. Also, the fact that he chose gray pants instead of classic black pants was a great choice, as gray is a good alternative to black, given that it makes one look more youthful and dynamic.



Jack Antonoff



We’re generally not extremely excited about denim mixed with denim, but if you keep it simple, it can work. Jack Antonoff’s look was proof of that. Basically, denim and denim can be done, if you leave some space between them with something like a white shirt, as the singer did.



Jay Versace



There was a lot going on in Jay Versace’s look and we would have liked to see more neutrals to balance out the bold colors or some deeper shades to make it more event-like. But underneath all of that, we really enjoyed the color blocking, which is not something extremely common in menswear. He’s definitely a men’s color blocking pioneer.



Jeremy Scott



Moschino designer Jeremy Scott is known for his cookie looks, so his outfit was right on brand. We would have changed the boots for something more different in color than the pants, but we understand the idea behind the outfit: the color was the thread of cohesion that put it all together and made it work.



Tyler Posey



Actor Tyler Posey was the expression of the general atmosphere of the MTV Video Music Awards: casual, relaxed and not very over the top. We liked the way the colors were placed though: the boots and shirt marked the outsides, while everything else was in a simple black.






Also embodying the new atmosphere of the VMAs, rapper Logic brought the fanny pack to the runway, giving out a cool 90s vibe. Otherwise, the look was simple and well-done, just that it was extremely casual.


The video music awards are a quirky event in that they bring a lot of casualness to a more formal format. In a way, this contrast makes them cool and edgy, but it can also become a fest of showing off coolness. In the end, the audience should be the final judge. In the end, celebrities balance out their personal ideas with the wants of the people, creating an image with which their fans can connect.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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