How Long Should Your Tie Be? (B)

Tie length

Ties are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They give men a lot of elegance and add a dash of refinement and adulthood to his look, if worn properly.

The main thing any man should know when it comes to putting on a tie is how long it should be.

The answer to this question is quite simple and easy to remember. When worn, a tie is supposed to touch your belt somewhere around its middle point. Anything too high or too low looks really bad, as it throws off proportions and makes one’s look scattered and misbalanced. Of course, you can go a little higher or lower, but not too much, our recommendation is not to go more than 2 inches / 4 cm higher or lower than the middle part of your tie.


When it comes to the exact length of the tie, meaning before you tie it, there is no exact rule. The reason why there is no exact rule is because there are certain factors that can influence the way your tie falls on you. For example, if you make a very complicated knot, which uses a lot of fabric, you will need to buy a longer tie, whereas a simple knot will need only a little fabric.

To give you an idea, it can be said that most men are suited by a medium length tie, which falls between 57 – 58 in / 145 – 150 cm. Only very tall men need “extra-long” ties, and only very short men need shorter ties. In case you are a shorter guy, but short enough to get a short tie, but still not too tall to wear a medium tie, what you can do is get a medium tie and do a more complicated knot that will use more of the tie’s fabric, which will balance out the length of your tie and make you look good!



Bonus information: The width of the tie

Ties, as any accessories, should be proportionate to your body in terms of width too. Therefore, men with larger frames should opt for wider ties and men with very narrow frames should go for skinny ties. Most guys, however, will fall somewhere in the middle and make best use of a tie with an average width.

Regarding the measurements of a tie’s width, most men fall in the average category, so they should be fine with an average tie width of 3 ¼ in / 8 cm, measured at the widest point.

Broader guys, can go for a broader tie, meaning over 3 ¼ in / 8 cm at the widest point, while thin men can opt for either skinny ties or for ties that are 2 ¾ in / 7 cm wide.


Choosing a good tie should not be hard, but you should always take enough time to see if it fits you well, if it goes right in terms of color with your skin tone and other clothes and whether it fits you in terms of length and width.

Having a good tie will make you look great, which can also contribute to a better attitude and mood.


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