A Recap of Vienna Fashion Week 2017

The 9th edition of the MuseumsQuartier Vienna Fashion Week took place in the Austrian capital this September, as Austrian and international designers took on the catwalk to showcase their latest creations.

The event featured over 50 shows across six days, which were held in a tent at Vienna’s famous MuseumsQuartier, or the Museum Neighborhood.

The main thread that went throughout the shows was the designers’ attempt to balance out the creative and artistic part of fashion with wearable, everyday clothes. Thus, one could see many simple and wearable pieces with unexpected embellishments. Flowing fabrics and oversized, boxy pieces were very on trend and, in terms of colors, neutrals such as black or khaki were a running theme.

In terms of styling, most designers opted for very simple hair and makeup and for simple (or almost no) accessories, letting the viewer concentrate on the clothes.

When it came to men’s fashion, while some shows did feature menswear looks, there was a true lack of menswear, as only one show, by Weber + Weber Sartoria, was an only-menswear show.

Overall, there was a lot of great style coming from Vienna this fall and our team was there to document it. Take a look at some highlights from the MQVFW 17 shows in our fashion edit:



Anelia Peschev



Viennese designer Anelia Peschev presented her latest collection on the first day of shows. It was a very feminine collection, in a modern way, featuring blues and pinks. The details, such as belt buckles or shoulder buttons completed the looks and made them remarkable and fun.



Aniko Smart Couture



After putting a twist on the classic Parisian look with fringe last year, Aniko Balazs retold the story of Snow White in a dark and futuristic manner. Playing with opposites, the collection featured a mostly black and white palette and worked with soft and hard fabrics.






One of the most anticipated shows, Callisti celebrated their 10 years anniversary with their latest show. Martina Mueller presented a collection consisting of many “athleisure” pieces, which is a big trend these days. The collection focused on men and women who want to be both stylish and sporty in today’s highly dynamic environment of the big cities.



Handy Hartono



Indonesian label Handy Hartono presented a collection of colorful pieces. Their use of prints was a very clever one, as these were very busy, but soft and calming at the same time. The ethnic vibe given by their looks was definitely a great one. Looking for inspiration in traditional patterns and textures is very “in” these days and the brand made great use of this trend in their collection.






Artist-in-residence Lui Iarocheski’s collection featured many cool looks. While most of his clothes were worn by male models, according to the designer, many looks are in fact unisex.






Also going for an athleisure aesthetic, Liniert presented a collection that can be worn during the day or during the night, at work or during the holidays. This very practical and versatile aspect of the collection made it noteworthy and appealing.






Maria Oberfrank’s Pitour collection added an architectural flair to the runway of Vienna. Working with clear structures and clearly-defined geometric shapes, the collection featured a series of head-turning clothes. What was also remarkable was the dynamic play between the cuts and shapes and the prints of the fabrics.



Rozbora Couture



Slovakian designer Richard Rozbora presented a collection that received a lot of appreciation from the audience. But, then again, we were not expecting anything less from him. Stylish, sleek and feminine, the collection was extremely varied in terms of types of clothes, colors and cuts, offering a complete closet to the modern woman.



Sabine Karner



Those who like butterflies will love Sabine Karner’s collection, as these were the main motif of the collection. Used in different ways, the designer added a nice signature to her collection, which is easily recognizable and that also looks quite good.



Volgger Studio



One of the main trends at this year’s MQVFW was the military trend, as best exemplified by the Volgger Studio collection. Going for simplicity, the label offered a series of dark clothes with interesting details to watch out for.






Focusing on bags, Indonesian guest Warnatasku took the Viennese scene by storm with fabulous prints and energetic color combinations. Their bags mix the elegance of leather with well-done weavings.



Weber + Weber Sartoria



The only 100% menswear show, Weber + Weber Sartoria did not disappoint. Offering clothes for different settings and contexts, the brand took a bold approach to men’s fashion and featured many red pieces, which were balanced out by timeless neutrals.



MQVFW is a great event because it mirrors very well the trends and directions not only of European, but of international fashion. The Austrian capital is always at the forefront of European style and a good place to look if you want to discover what is going on in fashion in Europe, which makes the MQVFW a very relevant event on the international fashion scene.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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