8 Great Looks Seen at Vienna Fashion Week 2017

Vienna Fashion Week, officially called MQVFW – MuseumsQuartier Vienna Fashion Week is an event that encourages the flow of creative ideas of designers that are either emerging on the Viennese scene, that are coming from far and wide and of fashion enthusiasts looking to start a career in fashion.

This is why, each year, besides the Austrian labels the event features, many of which are strong household names, the organizers welcome designers and brands from abroad as well to showcase their collections. Also, to encourage the young talents of fashion students, the event features a few presentations showcasing the best of student work from the previous academic year.

In this great style roundup, discover eight fabulous looks we saw during the Viennese Fashion Week.



Juan-Carlos Gordillo



Because the third time’s a charm, Juan-Carlos Gordillo’s collection was a true winner. It was the third time the Guatemalan designer presented in the Austrian capital and the collection did not fail to impress us and the audience. The clothes featured a combination between hard and soft and showed once again that any fabric, including denim can look high end if worked with knowledge and care.






Looking sexy and ready to go to a concert, the Mathis collection was bold and full of energy. Leather makes great design even better, so the brand definitely takes an award for coolness from us.



Modeschule Michelbeuern



Mixing appliques with a two cool prints is not easy to pull off, but a student from the Michelbeuern School for fashion took the cake with this look. It’s great to see that young and upcoming designers are interested in updating menswear and making it more vibrant – this is definitely something we’d love to see more of in the future.



Modeschule Herbststrasse



Going for a retro, arts and crafts look, this student look presented during the show of the Herbststrasse School was on trend and really fun. The execution of it was impeccable, which is a must when you are going for something such as an arts and crafts aesthetic, which can easily go wrong.






Milk is a label that is not at its first MQVFW showing. This time around, they played with wide and narrow in a look that caught our eye from the start.



Modeschule Hetzendorf



A true head turner, this look created by a student of the Hetzendorf School for Fashion is something we would love to see more of on the runways of the world: great style, great theater and great proportions.






As we have gotten used to, the TrueYou show was a true party. This year, four guys went for many looks that featured a dark red wine shade, which made the collection pulsate and very upbeat.






Those who want to embark on a style fairytale journey can take a lot of inspiration from the Zoe collection, which featured a series of soft and fragile dresses for romantic ladies. The close attention to detail and the wonderful tailoring are definitely two of the brand’s strongest points.



There are many great looks that walked the runway of Vienna this year and there’s definitely more to see. It’s definitely a great idea to showcase student looks during a big Fashion Week event, as this gives the students a taste of what the world they’re about to enter looks and feels like. Also, while a lot of times, student looks are a bit rough around the edges, they often surpass in creativity and imagination many established designers.

Also, inviting guests from all over the world to mix in with the local scene is a great way to generate new creative ideas and to see how the local aesthetic fits in with other aesthetics and whether the two can influence each other.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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